Yogi government will give a grant of 15 thousand rupees on the purchase of musical instruments


Lucknow, July 16 (Hindustan Times). Committed to preserving the folk art, culture and local culture of Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi government has started a special grant process. The Yogi government of the state has decided to give a grant of Rs 15 thousand on the purchase of musical instruments.

The Culture Department has been directed that musical instruments should be made available in each gram panchayat. Keeping this in mind, the Culture Department will provide a grant for the purchase of a set of musical instruments. Under the scheme, a set of musical instruments (in which harmonium, dholak, jhal, manjira, kartal and ghungroo etc.) is being provided is working on a detailed action plan. Under this, a maximum grant of Rs 15 thousand will be made available by the Culture Department on the purchase of musical instrument sets worth Rs 30 thousand or more. Apart from providing musical instruments, work is also going on on the action plan for awarding the artistes.

District Magistrate will select gram panchayats

A spokesman of the state government said that this scheme will be implemented in all the gram panchayats of the state, but at the initial level, the District Magistrate will mark those 50 gram panchayats and hand over their list to the Culture Department, where such cultural activities have been taking place. .

If sufficient number of applications are not received from the District Magistrate, the applications given by the District Tourism and Culture Council will also be accepted. 229 villages selected for rural tourism will be included in the project. Within one month of receiving the grant from the department, it will be mandatory to purchase musical instruments and make available their bills, photographs and other details to the Culture Department, Uttar Pradesh. In case of failure to do so, the right to take recovery action will be reserved with the Director of Culture Department.

Gram Panchayats will be encouraged

The name of the culture department will be inscribed on the musical instruments that will be purchased. Apart from this, if more than 30 thousand will be spent on the purchase of musical instruments, then a maximum grant of 15 thousand will be borne by the Culture Department, while the rest of the amount will be borne by the Gram Panchayat itself. Apart from this, Gram Panchayats will be encouraged to organize cultural events at their level as well, whose details and expenditure items will be made available to the Culture Department on an annual basis.

Various congregations will get benefit

Through this grant scheme, Bhajan Kirtan Mandali, Nukkad Natak Mandali, Guru Shishya Parampara, local folk songs and folk dances, Bhajan, Sanskar Geet Mandalis active at the Gram Panchayat level will be benefited from this scheme.


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