Case filed against 6 people including Tejashwi Yadav after lathicharge, BJP leader made many allegations including murder-molestation


Patna. BJP has filed a complaint case against six people in Patna Civil Court regarding the incident of lathi charge on BJP workers on 13th July. Many types of allegations have been made in this case including murder, attempt to murder, molestation. Complaint case has been filed against Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav, Patna District Magistrate Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna SSP Rajeev Mishra, Gandhi Maidan Police Station Arun Kumar, Patna Deputy Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Singh. BJP leader Krishna Singh Kallu has filed this complaint in Patna Civil Court CJM. Patna Civil Court’s lawyer Sunil Kumar Singh has given this information. The advocate told that a case has been registered against 6 people including Nitish Kumar and Tejashwi Yadav under various sections including sections 302, 307, 341, 323.

Complaint letter filed in Patna Civil Court

Patna Civil Court’s lawyer Sunil Kumar Singh told that the complaint has been filed in Patna Civil Court CJM Patna here on Saturday. BJP’s assembly march was on 13th July. On this day, BJP workers peacefully marched on foot from Gandhi Maidan to the assembly. Many BJP workers and senior leaders participated in this. During the march, suddenly at the behest of Nitish Kumar and under the pressure of Tejashwi Yadav, the Bihar police lathi-charged. In this, BJP leader Vijay Singh was brutally murdered. At the same time, many BJP leaders were assaulted and women BJP leaders were molested. Meanwhile, BJP leader Krishna Singh Kallu was also beaten up. BJP leader Krishna Kumar Kallu, who returned after treatment at PMCH, has filed a complaint letter in Patna Civil Court. He has also filed a case against hundreds of police inspectors and policemen.

If you ask for your rights, this government beats you with sticks.

Meanwhile, Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Nityanand Rai, while describing the present government of Bihar as the government of a chair-loving opportunist Grand Alliance, said that this government has nothing to do with the development of Bihar and the people of Bihar. When students and youth demand their rights, they get sticks. When women ask for their rights, this government beats them with sticks. When the farmers come to express their views, this barbaric government makes them use sticks. False cases are leveled against BJP leaders and workers who are fighting for the interests of youth, women, farmers, students and teachers. At the same time, he claimed that this government of Bihar, which is inefficient, corrupt and patronizing criminals, is in despair due to the huge resentment against it among the public. The people of Bihar will take account of each and every lathi hit of this autocratic government.

BJP people are going to retreat from the sticks of the government

In a scathing attack on the Bihar government, Nityanand Rai has said that the autocratic government of Nitish-Tejashwi is now misusing the power and filing false and baseless cases against BJP leaders and workers. Nityanand Rai warned that Nitish-Tejashwi should tie the knot that BJP workers are neither going to back down from the lathis of this barbaric and autocratic government, nor will they stop from false cases filed by them. It is our resolve to fight for the rights of the people of Bihar. The people of Bihar want freedom from the rule of crime, corruption, oppressive and anti-development grand alliance government. The Union Minister of State for Home further said that the BJP’s fight against the crime, corruption and oppressive thinking of the RJD-JDU government from Bihar is not going to stop now. This fight against the anti-people policies of the Grand Alliance government is not going to stop, nor will the Nitish-Tejashwi government stop it.

Samrat Chowdhary had said about filing a case

Earlier, while talking to the media, Samrat Chaudhary had targeted CM Nitish and Tejashwi Yadav. Samrat said that democracy is being murdered and Nitish Kumar has killed our workers. Will work to prosecute Nitish Kumar ji (section 302 of IPC). Whether you use sticks or bullets, BJP workers are not going to stop. On the other hand, Sushil Kumar Modi also responded saying that it was a very peaceful protest, there were a large number of women. There was no vandalism, no stone pelting, yet there was deliberate lathicharge. All this has happened at the behest of Nitish Kumar. We will fight on this both inside and outside the house.


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