Attention Gang of girls is active in Patna, withdrawing money by sticking plates in ATM dispenser, two arrested


Till now in Patna city, youths were stealing people’s money by making disturbances in ATMs. But now a gang of girls has become active in different police station areas including Patrakar Nagar, Kankarbagh, Kadamkuan police station area and withdrawing people’s money by trapping plates in ATMs. Two girls of this gang were arrested red-handed by the police of Kankarbagh police station late on Thursday night. These include 19-year-old Kajal and 20-year-old Sweety. Both are residents of Gandhi Maidan police station near Uma Cinema. Scissors and plates have been found from both of them, by trapping which they used to withdraw money from ATMs. On Friday, both were sent to jail after interrogation by the police.

Was trying to extort money, police arrested

Both the girls were arrested from the ICICI Bank ATM located at Tempo Stand in Kankarbagh when they were trying to withdraw money. Meanwhile, the young man in whom the money was stuck got suspicious and caught both of them. On information, when the police reached and compared the CCTV footage, the pictures of both the girls were found. Both had withdrawn Rs 6000 from that ATM once and Rs 4600 the second time. The police said that the dress of both was such that no one could see that they were stealing money from ATMs. Police of Kankarbagh police station told that there could be many more members in this gang, about which investigation is being done.

Brother used to watch outside with scooty

According to sources, many more girls and youths are involved in this gang. Both the girls used to come by scooty with their brother. Brother used to keep an eye on the police by keeping a scooty outside the ATM. When the victim youth caught both the girls and the police came, the brother ran away with the scooty. Police told that both the plates were so adept at withdrawing money that the victim was struggling to extract the trapped money, but as soon as the girls touched the plate, they pulled out the money.

The plate stuck in the ATM dispenser used to withdraw money

The women involved in the gang are trapping something at the cash dispenser of the ATM card. After this, those who are reaching to withdraw the amount, their amount does not come out from the dispenser. After the customer leaves, the girls withdraw money from that cash dispenser. The incident of the women withdrawing money by tampering with the ATM dispenser came to light when a customer complained that he tried to withdraw money from the Axis Bank ATM located in Rajendra Nagar, but the money did not come out of the dispenser and he lost his money. Also cut off.

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Identification from CCTV camera footage

After this, the whole matter was investigated and the footage of the CCTV camera was examined, then it was found that two girls used to trap something in the dispenser of that ATM. Because of which the amount does not come out even after doing all the process. The customer is not aware of this and they leave. But only after they leave, both the girls reach the ATM again, take out the stuck item from the dispenser, take the money and leave. In this regard, Prashant Bhardwaj, the advocate of the company taking care of that ATM, has lodged an FIR against two unknown girls at Patrakar Nagar police station and has requested to take action.

what to be careful

If the money does not come out from the ATM dispenser despite all the process, then it should be understood immediately that something has been implicated in it. They can give information to the police.

If the ATM card also gets stuck, do not leave the place and do not talk to the number of the guard given in the ATM, immediately inform the local police.



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