Jharkhand: Hiramani, who did waterless fasting by climbing a tree, came down after 9 days, was worshiping Sarna Maa


Hiramani Oraon, who fasted by climbing the Sarna tree in Sisai, Gumla, came down from the tree after nine days.

On the message of mother Sarna, Hiramani Oraon kept a fast by climbing the Sarna tree of Jaira village. On the ninth day there was some deterioration in his health.

After getting down, he bowed down to Sarna Maa and addressed the people present as Jai Dharmesh.

After which Dharma sister Shanti Oraon, Pahan Fagu Oraon and priest Dilasa Oraon gave new clothes to Hiramani.

After wearing new clothes, Hiramani’s fast was ended by giving her water.

During this, hundreds of Sarna devotees had come to the Sarna place by observing fast and under the leadership of Pahan Pujar, by offering water in prayer, worship and Sarna, wished for the happiness and prosperity of the people.

Devotees of Sarna religion have considered Hiramani’s waterless fasting for nine days on the message of Sarna Mata as a miracle.

Regarding this, Sarna religious people organized Sarna prayer meeting from 3 am on Thursday to 5 am on Friday at Zaira school ground.

Hundreds of women and men from dozens of villages participated in this prayer meeting in traditional dress. Prior to this, Shanti Oraon of the village has observed fast for 21 days in September 2005 on the message of Sarna Maa.

At that time, Shanti Oraon kept a waterless fast and worshiped Sarna Mata by staying on this Sarna tree for seven days. For the remaining 14 days, he worshiped Sarna Maa at home.


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