DM-SP claims: BJP leader died due to fainting in the stampede, what is the connection of sprinkling of chilli powder with BJP


After the death of BJP’s Jehanabad District General Secretary Vijay Kumar Singh, the administration and BJP leaders have made different claims. DM Dr. Chandrashekhar Singh and SSP Rajeev Mishra said that Vijay Kumar Singh died due to the stampede during the protest. While BJP leader Sushil Modi claims that Vijay Singh died due to police lathi charge.

DM-SP claim

It has been said by the Patna district administration that a person had fallen in Chhajjubagh. Seeing him lying unconscious, a rickshaw driver made him sit on the rickshaw and first took him to Tara Hospital in Galghar. Seeing his bad condition, Tara Hospital immediately sent him to PMCH in an ambulance. Where PMCH Superintendent Dr IS Thakur confirmed the death of Vijay Kumar Singh. The magistrate has also been ordered to conduct a legal inquiry into the entire matter. A medical board has been constituted to conduct the postmortem. The DM-SSP told that no licking marks were found anywhere on the body of Vijay Kumar Singh. Videography of postmortem will be done. It will be known only after the postmortem report how he was defeated.


Claim of MP Sushil Modi

MP Sushil Modi has told the claim of DM-SSP wrong. During a conversation with media persons, he asked whether someone would suddenly fall while walking during the protest march? Vijay Kumar Singh was seriously injured in the barbaric lathi charge by the police, after which he was admitted to PMCH. He died shortly after being admitted. Sushil Medi tweeted about the death of Vijay Kumar Singh.

27 leaders arrived for treatment, five admitted

The Superintendent of PMCH said that after the lathicharge, a total of 27 injured leaders reached the PMCH for treatment. Of these, 14 patients were admitted to the surgery department and 13 patients were treated in the bone department. After first aid, 21 leaders recovered, while one died and five leaders are still admitted. After the injury, Meena Jha’s CT scan was done, in which the matter of brain hemorrhage is coming to the fore. On the other hand, the police also beat and pushed Maharajganj MP Janardan Sigriwal with sticks. He got injured in this. He has suffered injuries on his head and face. Janardan Singh Sigriwal is admitted in Private Ward-1 of IGIMS. He was also subjected to a CT scan test, the report of which was called normal by the doctors. At the same time, after the information about the death of the BJP leader, all the big leaders of the party and the central ministers reached the PMCH to see. These included Nityanand Rai, Mangal Pandey, Sushil Modi, Nitin Naveen, Ravi Shankar Prasad, Sanjeev Chaurasia etc.

What is the connection of sprinkling chilli powder with BJP?

The policemen, who were lathi-charging, had to go on the backfoot when the people involved in the demonstration started spraying chilli powder in large quantities. As soon as chilli powder was applied on the face and body, the officers and the policemen started hustling. Some started wandering in search of water holding their eyes and some’s face. After throwing chilli powder, there was a stampede among the policemen for some time. Everyone started running here and there. Seeing this, the senior officers immediately ordered to run the water canon. After this, the officers and jawans who came in the JD of chili powder washed their faces and bodies with water cannon water and after that again together they ran to the workers.

Rapid Action Force was also deployed

Apart from IPS, IAS officers, SHOs, police personnel, Rapid Action Force was also deployed to stop the assembly march at Dak Bungalow Square. Many policemen were also injured in the lathicharge. More than six policemen involved in the crowd fell unconscious, including many women policemen.

Police took all the big leaders into custody and took them by bus, later released

After the death of the BJP leader, state BJP President Samrat Chaudhary, Leader of the Opposition in the Vidhansabha Vijay Sinha and many top leaders sat on a dharna at Dak Bungalow Chairaha itself. MP Sushil Medi, Samrat Chaudhary, Vijay Sinha etc. said that the march had turned out to be peaceful. As soon as they came to Dak Bungalow Square, the police lathi-charged without understanding anything. The police, after persuading the top leaders of the BJP sitting on the dharna, picked them up from the dharna site and took them into custody and took them to the police station by bus. After this everyone was released.


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