Lathis lashed out at BJP workers in Patna, FIR on 59 including two former deputy CMs, MPs, MLAs


The march taken out by the BJP in Patna on Thursday on various issues was tumultuous. Leaders and workers from different districts were gathering at Gandhi Maidan since 10 am for the march. Here a large number of MPs, MLAs, Legislative Councilors, former ministers including Bihar BJP in-charge Vinod Tawde, State President Samrat Chaudhary, Leader of Opposition Vijay Sinha addressed the workers. After this, at around one o’clock in the afternoon, after leaving Gandhi Maidan, the march proceeded towards Vidhansabha via JP Golambar, Fraser Road.

Lathis showered on BJP workers

The march was stopped by barricading as soon as it reached Dakbungalow Square. After this, as soon as the workers tried to break the barricading, the police started lathicharge. On one side, water canons were being fired from two vehicles, while on the other hand the police were trying to stop the workers by using lathis. Many activists including some MPs and MLAs got beheaded in this lathicharge. Someone’s hand was broken, while someone got serious injuries. Jehanabad District General Secretary Vijay Kumar Singh also got trapped in the stampede during this lathicharge. In a hurry, he was first taken to a private hospital and then to PMCH. He died in PMCH. As soon as the news of the death was received, the BJP workers fled to the PMCH from Dakbungalow Square.

Tear gas shells started firing as soon as fire was said

Seeing the large number of BJP workers, the top police officials first wanted to stop everyone with water canon. After this lathicharge started. When the crowd could not be controlled, the officers started shouting fire…fire… On hearing this, jawans with tear guns started firing tear gas shells. As soon as the tear gas was released, there was a stampede. As soon as the crowd dispersed, the police chased away the BJP workers. Many vehicles on the road were damaged due to the stampede. Some common people also came under the lathi charge. The police did not spare anyone, they lathi-charged whoever they saw.

The police could not understand from which side the protesters were coming.

In fact, the Patna police could not understand from which side the workers involved in the Vidhansabha march were coming to the Dakbungalow square. That’s why the police barricaded the road leading from Income Tax to Dak Bungalow, from Gandhi Maidan to Dak Bungalow and from Exhibition Road to Dak Bungalow. Sometimes the police was running here, sometimes it was running there. Meanwhile, at around 11.30 am, suddenly a crowd of workers reached Fraser Road via JP Golambar of Gandhi Maidan. Seeing the crowd coming, from the police officer to the security personnel stood near the barricading.

Women activists were walking ahead in the march

When hundreds of police personnel and officers standing near the barricades saw that a large number of women activists were walking ahead of the march, then women police officers and policemen were pushed forward. On one side of the barricading, the women policemen were lathi-charged on the women activists, while on the other side, the women activists kept shouting slogans with placards in their hands.

FIR against 59 including two former Deputy Chief Ministers, MPs, MLAs

Former Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tarkishore Prasad, Renu Devi, Legislative Councilor Shahnabaz Hussain, MP Sushil Kumar Singh, Janardan Singh Sigriwal, MLA Nitin Naveen, Sanjay Saragbi, including 59 BJP leaders have been named as accused in the case of ruckus and lathicharge at Dak Bungalow Square. . Apart from this, a case has been registered on the statement of the Magistrate in Kotwali police station, making more than 1000 unknown people accused. BJP’s state president Samrat Chowdhary has not been made an accused in this case. The unknown will be identified through CCTV footage. A case has been registered against all of them for assaulting the police, obstructing government work, pelting stones, throwing chilli powder in the eyes of policemen, demonstrating and marching without permission, etc. SSP Rajeev Mishra told that an FIR has been registered against 59 named in Kotwali police station.

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what happened when

10:00 am: Police was deployed at R Block and Dak Bungalow

11:00 am: Thousands of BJP workers gathered on JP Golambar

11:30 am: BJP workers from JP Golambar march for the assembly

11:45 am: Stone pelting and fired tear gas shells near Fraser Road Hem Plaza

Use of lathicharge and water cannon at Dak Bungalow at 12:00

02:00 pm: Information about the death of Vijay Kumar Singh of Jehanabad was received.

02:15 pm: Police detained top leaders sitting on dharna

03:00 pm: BJP leaders reached PMCH in large numbers



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