Ahmedabad: AMC approves cattle control policy after High Court’s strictness


On July 11, the Gujarat High Court reprimanded the government and the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation over the issue of bad roads and stray cattle in Ahmedabad. Amidst this situation, a meeting of the standing committee of the AMC was held on Thursday. In which cattle control policy has been approved. Earlier this policy was not allowed. Now amended with corrections have been approved.

Provision of strict laws in the new policy

The Ahmedabad Corporation has woken up from sleep after the Gujarat High Court’s decision on the issue of stray cattle. Ahmedabad Corporation has implemented a new policy in case of stray cattle. There is a provision of strict laws in the new policy. An animal owner who keeps animals at home for personal use must obtain a permit. Cattle owners are required to obtain a license for the sale of milk or other commercial use of the animal. The period of permit-license will be three years from the inception of the policy.

Double fine for catching same cattle three times

The license fee for three years has been fixed at Rs 2000. While the permit fee has been fixed at Rs. Apart from this, all the responsibility regarding the stray animal will be of the animal owner. In case of damage caused by stray animals, a claim for compensation can be filed. If the cattle rearer brings new cattle from outside the city, he will have to register the cattle within one month. If the same cattle is caught three times, double the fine will be imposed. Cattle caught more than three times will not be returned.


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