Indifference of monsoon increased farmers’ concern, praying for rain in Lohardaga


Monsoon is deceiving the farmers in Lohardaga district this year also. Due to the indifference of the weather, now the concern of the farmers has started increasing. Day by day the concern of the farmers is on saving the crop. Far from planting paddy, farmers are having to struggle to save even the seedling or plant or seed in the fields. Farmers have left in the fields by taking expensive seeds. In which seeds have been sprinkled for making saplings of other vegetable crops including Paddy, Maduva, Cauliflower, Tomato, Cabbage, Brinjal.

Seedlings are not sprouting from the seeds lying in the fields

Due to lack of water due to indifference of monsoon, sprout is not coming out of the seed sprinkled. Farmers are sprinkling it in Beeda by filling water in Tullu pump or in Tina, so that the plants do not die. Monsoon has been sulking for the last two weeks. Monsoon is not raining in the area. Farmers are praying to God every day that Indradev should give rain, so that the crops can be sown in the fields and the livelihood of the farmers can go on.

In Lohardaga’s Bhandra, there was no water in the fields even for a day

One week of the month of Sawan has passed, but till date water has not flowed from one field to another. Farmers say that there was not a single day of good rain, so that the fields could be irrigated completely. Due to lack of good rains, there is no water even in the water sources. Wells, ponds, rivers, other water sources have all dried up. So that farming can be done by taking water.

Indifference of monsoon increased the concern of farmers

The indifference of monsoon is increasing the concern of the farmers of the area. Farmers are worried about planting crops, but are not able to do anything. Prayers are being offered at many places for rain. So that it rains, but due to lack of rain, the farmers are feeling disappointed.

If there is no rain for a week, then there may be drought

Farmers say that if it does not rain for a week, then the effect of drought will start to be read. Crop yield will also be affected. Other beeda plants including paddy beeda are getting spoiled by drying up. Due to which it will be difficult to plant crops. In such a situation, rain water remains a serious problem for the farmers. Farmers are telling that last year also the monsoon was like this. Farmers could not sow the crop properly. Planting has not happened. This time too, if the monsoon remains sullen, then there will be a lot of trouble in front of the farmers.


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