NFHS report for Bareilly worrying,"Laxmi" Campaign needed to save, girl will not be available for marriage after 10 years


Bareilly : Along with the country, the population of Bareilly is also increasing. Here the number of girls (daughters) is decreasing. This is quite worrying. According to the National Family Health (NFHS)-5 survey, the number of daughters has decreased to only 965 on the birth of 1000 sons in the district. Although it was 979 on 1000 sons in the year 2015-2016. According to website statistics, this number is decreasing every year. This will make it very difficult for boys to get married in the coming years. World Population Day was celebrated in the country on Tuesday.

From the health department to the social organizations, many programs were organized to control the population and to reduce the number of daughters. After this, the programs of decreasing number of daughters will be limited to government papers. For this, illiteracy and abortion are considered to be the main reasons. There are instructions to take action on the ultrasound which performs gender test. However, this is not being implemented strictly in Bareilly. That’s why there is a decrease in the number of daughters. Ultrasound centers are raided for paper supply. These cases are suppressed within a few days.

Lakshmi in Hindus, Allah’s mercy in Muslims

Daughters (girls) have been considered auspicious (better) in all religions. In Hinduism, the daughter has been called Lakshmi. She is revered, while in Muslim religion, daughters are considered to be the mercy of Allah. It is said that when Allah (God) is happy, he sends daughters to the earth (world). Had gone with daughter.

PNDT Act should be strictly followed

Do not check the sex of the fetus. For this, PNDT Act was implemented. However, it was not followed strictly. This is also the reason why the sex ratio in Bareilly is falling. It will not be possible. The government should run a campaign so that people can be proud of the birth of girls.

dowry stigma in marriages

Lack of education is also the main reason for the dwindling number of daughters. However, most of the people avoid the daughter because of the dowry expenditure of lakhs of rupees in the marriage of daughters.

These are government schemes

From the center to the state government is concerned about the decreasing ratio between boys and girls. For this Beti Bachao Beti Padhao campaign is going on. The ‘Sukanya Samriddhi Account’ scheme is also going on for the education of daughters.

75 kg tomato in Bareilly Delapir Mandi, Agricultural Produce Market Committee sold by setting up camp

international women’s day

International Women’s Day is also celebrated in the world to increase the population of girls. In this, there are many programs for the progress of women and their awareness. Women doing better work in social and government jobs are honored. Efforts are also made to eliminate discrimination between men and women.

Report Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly



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