Heavy rains in Delhi and Himachal affected Bihar, know how it will affect your pocket


Bihar News: The rains in Himachal Pradesh and Delhi are affecting the vegetable market of Bihar. Along with this, the fruit market is also being affected. Himachal’s apple is not reaching Patna’s market for a few days. Apart from this, the supply of capsicum, cabbage and beans coming from Delhi’s Azadpur mandi has been affected. It is said that the torrential rains in Delhi and Himachal have started affecting the market in Bihar. Now, this can have an impact on people’s pockets.

There is a possibility of affecting the arrival of peas

There may be an increase in the price of vegetables coming from outside. There is a possibility of increase in the price of vegetables and fruits. Due to the rain, the apple-laden vehicles are not leaving Himachal. Because of this it is not reaching Bihar. It is known that with the end of the mango season, the demand for apples increases in the markets. But, there is a problem in getting apples in the market. It is said that due to rain, the arrival of peas will also be affected.

Nepal’s tomato gave relief

According to the information, before the rains, seven to eight vehicles of capsicum used to reach Patna. But, there has been a huge reduction in it. At present, only two to three vehicles are reaching Bihar. The rain is also affecting the supply of other vegetables. Instead of Delhi, beans are being brought from Karnataka. There has also been a huge impact on the supply of cabbage vegetables. At the same time, a few days ago the price of tomato had also increased. But, tomatoes coming from Nepal have definitely given some relief to the people.

Published By: Sakshi Shiva

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