Transgender will now join the mainstream of society, unique ID will protect their rights


Mirzapur, 11 July (Hindustan Times). The echo of applause is their identity… Whether it is clapping in happiness as a sign of marriage, birth of a child or a new house, or clapping in anger for not getting alms from the vehicles stopped at the traffic signal, But with time this identity is changing. Trapped in the trap of sometimes female, sometimes male identity, transgenders have always had a different identity, but now they will join the mainstream of the society.

This news is reassuring for eunuchs who find their happiness only in the happiness of others. Now unique cards will be issued to eunuchs soon. This will not only be a proof of his eunuch status, but will also serve as his ID card. Along with protecting their rights, the unique card will also provide them the benefits of various welfare schemes.

Eunuchs have been facing a lot of struggle to become a part of the society and to be recognized. Keeping in mind their problems, the initiative to provide unique cards has gained momentum. District Social Welfare Officer Girish Chandra Dubey said that the central and state governments are serious about giving eunuchs their rights. Joint Secretary, Government of India, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment and Department of Social Justice and Empowerment has issued instructions for issuing certificates and providing ID cards to transgender persons living in the society for the protection of their rights.

Unique cards will prove to be very helpful in getting the benefits of other schemes of the government along with the welfare schemes made for transgenders. Eunuchs will be able to register for the unique card online as well as offline. For this, from 10 to 15 July, camps have been organized at the block level from 10 am to 3 pm. After registration, their card will be made. Those who do not have an Aadhaar card, first a certificate of being eunuch will be made, then through that Aadhaar card and unique card will be made.

Apply like this

District Social Welfare Officer Girish Chandra Dubey said that any transgender can apply online on the website ( to get the unique card. For this, photo, Aadhaar card and other necessary records will have to be uploaded on this website. After this, the transgender identity card and certificate will be issued to him through the District Magistrate.

Purpose of Transgender Certificate

Transgender Certificate is offered as proof of identity. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment’s objective behind issuing Transgender Certificate is to help transgender persons to access various rights, entitlements and benefits including education, healthcare and employment opportunities. This is an important step towards protecting the rights of transgenders.

legal structure

The legal framework supporting transgender rights in India was built in 2014 with the landmark judgment of the Supreme Court, which recognized transgender persons as a ‘third gender’. This decision paved the way for transgender persons to prove their identity, including educational opportunities, health, employment and avail various rights.

Transgender Certificate an identity for third gender

Transgender Certificate and Identity Card is provided by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. It is a nationally recognized and mandatory document. It was launched keeping in mind the welfare of transgender people under the SMILE scheme. Transgender Certificate enables individuals to legally prove their gender identity.


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