Sirolimus Drug Coated Balloon (DCB): An Alternative to Stent


Seen on the right are Dr. VT Shah, Dr. Rahul Gupta, Dr. Sandeep Basavarajaiah, Dr. Anand Rao, Dr. Nimit Shah, Dr. Antonio Colombo, Dr. Kirti Punamiya, Dr. Ajit Menon

Mumbai, 7th July 2023: International cardiologists are endorsing the use of special drug-coated balloons as a suitable and necessary alternative to drug-eluting stents in the treatment of various coronary artery diseases (CAD) for select indications . This option is especially valuable for younger patients with multiple blocks and underlying conditions that may render angioplasty procedures with drug-eluting stents ineffective.

“The use of drug-coated balloons in coronary interventions is steadily increasing,” said Professor Antonio Colombo, director of the Humanitas Research Hospital in Milan. Initially developed to address in-stent restenosis and avoid additional stenting As was the case, their application has now extended to de novo lesions, especially in cases of small vessel dilatation disease, where the risk of restenosis and stent thrombosis is high. Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases in India. In addition, there has been an increase in the incidence of coronary artery disease, commonly referred to as a heart attack, especially in younger patients. For these subsets of patients and lesions, stenting is not an ideal solution, and drug-coated balloons provide an excellent alternative to metal scaffolds. MagicTouch Sirolimus Coated Balloons (SCBs), with their remarkable and proven safety profile and efficacy, are in use since 2015.

Dr Sandeep Basavarajaiah, consultant cardiologist at Birmingham Heartlands Hospital in the UK, said, “The MagicTouch device demonstrates excellent delivery capability even in complex tortuous coronary arteries. It is important to deliver within minutes.Introducing them into the guiding catheter to minimize drug loss during transit With its exceptional delivery capability, Magic Touch is an ideal choice for long-duration wounds.

Professor Antonio Colombo and Dr. Sandeep Basavarajaiah shared their expertise at an educational session cum knowledge banquet titled “Sirolimus Drug Coated Balloon (DCB): Expanding the Scope of Coronary Artery Disease (CAD)” organized by Concept Medical at Sofitel Hotel, Mumbai . More than 100 eminent cardiologists participated in the Gyan Bhoj, who also benefited from the knowledge and experiences shared by other senior cardiologists. In which Mumbai’s renowned cardiologists Dr. Kirti Punmiya, Dr. Ajit Menon, Dr. V. T. Shah, Dr. Anand Rao, Dr. Nimit Shah and Dr. Rahul Gupta were included. Esteemed international faculty joined the panel of above doctors and showcased the upcoming technology and alternatives to drug-coated balloons with several case presentations and talks.

Dr. Manish Doshi, MD, Concept Medical and inventor of the world’s first Sirolimus drug-coated balloon, explains the revolutionary technology behind this treatment option. “The balloon drug and carrier complex is specifically designed to penetrate the inner layers of the blood vessel walls and act as a reservoir for long-term release of the drug. This mechanism effectively inhibits coronary artery re-constriction.” prevents from.”


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