Glorious history of education in Bihar, now the future is also bright, engineering colleges open in every district


The education of Bihar has contributed in making the golden history of the whole of India. Once upon a time centers of education like Nalanda and Vikramshila were giving knowledge to the whole world on the land of Bihar. Students from every corner of the world used to come to Bihar to study in these ancient universities. The history of Bihar has been very glorious in the field of education. Once again International University Nalanda University has opened in Bihar. International University was established due to the efforts of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. After this the central government took it under its control. In this way, the situation of change in Bihar has been there since the beginning.

Restoration of teachers from BPSC started in 1990

During 1995-96, there were 60,000 primary and middle schools in Bihar, but after bifurcation of Jharkhand, this number was reduced to 47,000. Jharkhand got 13 thousand. After the division of Jharkhand, there was a shortage of teachers and schools. There used to be about 2.50 lakh teachers in 60 thousand schools. Earlier teachers were recruited at the district level, but this trend changed in 1990 and recruitment started from BPSC, in which untrained hair also got a chance to become teachers.

Shiksha Mitra reinstated to bridge the shortage of teachers

After this, Shiksha Mitra was reinstated to bridge the shortage of teachers. An amount of Rs 1500 was given every month to Shiksha Mitra under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan. About 85 thousand education friends started working in the schools of the state. After this, many schemes were started to connect Dalit children with education at that time. Dalit children were given one rupee every day on coming to school, while the shepherd school was also opened during that time. In the school, along with the children, there was a provision to train their mothers by starting various schemes. All these schemes ended in 2005.

Currently there are about 3.25 teachers in primary and middle

After the Nitish government came, the emphasis was on education. At present there are 72 thousand primary and middle schools. Out of 72 thousand, 29 thousand have schools from 1st to 8th. There are 43 thousand one to five schools. In 2005 itself, 85 thousand Shiksha Mitras were given the status of employed teachers. After this, the authority to appoint teachers was given to the three-tier panchayat committees. A new tradition of reinstatement of teachers started. They were given the scale in 2015. Right now there are about 3.25 lakh teachers in primary and middle.

After the division of Jharkhand there were 2500 secondary and higher secondary schools, now there are eight thousand

Before the division of Jharkhand, there were 4000 secondary and higher secondary schools. After division of Jharkhand, 1500 schools went to Jharkhand. 2500 schools left in Bihar. At present, its number has increased from 2500 schools to eight thousand. Now the number of plus two schools is eight thousand. Earlier there were primary schools up to seventh grade, which was upgraded to eighth grade in 2005. High school was expelled from the eighth. High school became plus two from ninth. It was planned in 2005 itself that Plus Two studies would be stopped from the university. In this phase, Inter studies from Patna University were stopped. But in other places, inter studies have not been stopped till now.

Patna became education hub, now no need to go out for coaching, more than 7000 coaching here

There are both national and international universities in Bihar.

Earlier there were 10 traditional universities. Since 2005, the way has been cleared for the entry of private universities in Bihar. For the first time in Bihar, National University Chanakya National Law University was established in 2006. Gradually, the need for a university was felt and it was decided that a university would be established at the divisional level. For this reason Patliputra, Munger and Purnea universities were established recently in Bihar. Even before this, Aryabhatta Knowledge University was established in Bihar. IIM opened in Bodh Gaya in Nitish government, two central universities were established. Educational institutions like IIT, NIFT, CIMP opened. Earlier Bihar Engineering College had become NIT only in 2004.

engineering college in every district

The government has opened an engineering college in every district. There is also talk of opening a medical college in every district. Polytechnic and ITI were also opened.



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