Sawan’s first Monday today, pagoda echoed with Har Har Mahadev in Bareilly, devotees performed Jalabhishek in Shiva temples


Bareilly : In Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, on the first Monday of Sawan, there was a crowd in Shiva temples since morning to offer prayers to Kanwariyas and devotees. Devotees performed Jalabhishek in the pagoda. Due to this the pagoda echoed with the voice of Har Har Mahadev. However, on the first Monday the crowd of kanwariyas was very less.

Complete security arrangements were made by the police. A large number of police personnel were deployed outside the temples and on the roads. Along with this, the temples were also decorated. Kanwariyas reached Shiv temples in the city with water from Kachla Ghat in Badaun and Haridwar in Uttarakhand. He was welcomed everywhere. After this, the kanwariyas asked for their wishes by performing Jalabhishek in the pagoda of the temple.

The temples and pagodas of the city were decorated and ready in the night itself. In the temples, the devotees performed darshan, worship and water abhishek of God. The doors of the temples were opened for the devotees from Monday morning itself. Arrangements were made for worship, consecration and darshan in separate queues for women and men by placing bamboo bats in the temples. However, groups of Shiva devotees started coming from late night itself to have darshan of God.

polythene covered electric pole

The Electricity Department has covered the electric poles with polythene for the safety of the Kavadis carrying water to the temples of the city. So that electric poles do not get electrocuted during rains. Some people had died due to electrocution in the past. Only after this, polythene has been installed on this electric pole for the security of the kanwariyas.

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Route diversion will end tonight

Route diversion was implemented from Friday night on the first Monday of Sawan (Shravan month). Route diversion caused a lot of trouble to the commuters. From Bareilly to Delhi, Ghaziabad, Haryana, Moradabad, Narora, Bulandshahr, Bada Bypass were evacuated. But, suddenly going on the link road, the passers-by went astray. Before sending the passengers to the new route, the flexes and hoardings of the route charts were also not installed on the roads. Passengers lost their way. However, this route diversion will end from 8 pm on Monday night. This route diversion will be applicable from 8 pm every Friday.

monitoring with body worn cameras

In Bareilly, 25 percent Shiv devotees came to the Shiva temples of the city by taking water from Haridwar and 75 to 80 percent from Kachla Ganga Ghat in Badaun. But a large number of police personnel were deployed for the security of the Kanwaris. In this, many police personnel were lashed with body-worn cameras.

Increased fare of roadways buses

Due to Sawan, roadways buses are being taken out from diverted routes. Due to this the buses have to run extra. Due to which roadways has increased the fare of buses on routes like Delhi, Badaun, Mathura, Agra, Shahjahanpur, Moradabad, and Lucknow etc. Passengers have to pay an additional fare ranging from Rs.10 to Rs.30.

Report Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly



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