Looting of four kilos of tomatoes from a woman shopkeeper in Prayagraj, controversy over the purchase of Rs 10, know the matter


Prayagraj: Due to the rising prices of tomatoes across the country, where it has disappeared from the common man’s kitchen, now the case of its loot has come to the fore. On opposing the loot in Prayagraj, the bullies beat up the family members including the woman shopkeeper and looted the tomatoes while leaving. The police have detained a person in connection with the bargaining dispute.

The case pertains to Kusmipur village under Jhunsi police station area of ​​Prayagraj. Here a young man came to Santosh Devi’s shop to buy tomatoes worth Rs.10. The woman shopkeeper refused to give tomatoes for this amount, citing expensive prices. He told the young man that the price of tomato has gone up to Rs 120 per kg. That’s why a tomato worth Rs.10 cannot be given. It is alleged that this enraged the young man and started misbehaving with the woman shopkeeper.

The relatives of the woman protested against the abusing. After some time, the domineering youth called his companions to the shop. It is alleged that the goons thrashed the woman shopkeeper along with her father-in-law and son with sticks and looted four kilograms of tomatoes while leaving.

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After this, the victim woman reached Jhunsi police station to complain. The bullies got a clue of the woman going to the police station. Dabang again reached the woman’s shop the next day and threatened not to complain to the police. The aggrieved party informed on dial 100. On this the police reached the spot and caught one of the accused named Pankaj and took him to the police station.

On the other hand, there is a lot of discussion on the social media about the incident of looting of four kilograms of tomatoes. People are considering the skyrocketing price of tomatoes as the reason behind this episode. Various reactions are coming out on social media.

Regarding the episode, Jhunsi police station in-charge Vaibhav Singh said that the matter is being mentioned in the social media as the news of tomato loot. However, there was a dispute regarding the tomato price, in which the vegetable seller gave a complaint against the accused person and filed a case against three people. One person Pankaj has been taken into custody.

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