For the first time in the region.. the first “three-level artificial neck disc replacement” operation was performed in The View Hospital, in cooperation with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, USA


The international surgeon, Dr. Alexandre Rasoli, coming from the United States of America, is a specialist in complex spine surgery with success over the course of 90 years one minute

The View Hospital announced the visit of the upcoming international spine surgeon, Dr. Alexander Rasoli From Beverly Hills, California – USA and performed an artificial disc replacement for the neck spine on Three levels. The complex operation was performed in just 90 minutes by Dr. Alexandre Rasoli, who is a specialist He specializes in surgical and non-surgical treatment For disorders of the neck, thoracic and cervical spine, degenerative disorders, spinal injuries, deformities of adults and children including This includes scoliosis, spinal tumors, and minimally invasive surgery. Dr. Rasoli gained fame in the field of spinal disorders after discovering in 2007 a new method for reconstructing the spine Generation of damaged neurons due to spinal cord injuries using peripheral nerve transplantation.

The patient, who underwent the operation very successfully, was able to walk without any pain and was ready to be discharged The hospital on the same day, and her health condition is currently being monitored by the specialized team. ‬

Commenting on his visit to The Views Hospital, Dr. Alexandre Rasoli said: I was pleased to come to The Views Hospital. The View in Doha – Qatar, to perform the first operation in the region to replace the artificial disc of the cervical vertebrae on Three levels. The operation could not have been performed without the distinguished staff and advanced medical technology present in The View Hospital. I believe that this hospital will be the first medical edifice in the field of healthcare in the Middle East. ‬

Dr. Rasoli will visit The View Hospital regularly as part of the hospital’s commitment to bring in world-class doctors from all over the world All over the world to Qatar as part of the Visiting Doctors Program. The Views Hospital is one of the most important international partnership projects in the health sector, especially since Cedars and Sinai is distinguished as a leader in medical services in the United States of America, and the hospital offers a high level of medical care Top-notch healthcare services under the supervision of top-notch professionals and in collaboration with a world-class team backed by the best Medical Technology, where it seeks to combine clinical expertise with advanced technology and care centered around the therapeutic experience unique to the visitor. ‬

The hospital includes 240 beds, 10 operating rooms and 23 intensive care units, all designed to provide various types of care. health care, from primary to secondary and tertiary health care. The operating rooms are also equipped with the latest medical systems and technologies in order to perform various minimally invasive surgeries. Which is currently the latest in the world of surgery. The hospital also has the best surgical robots including Xrobot DaVincis

Which helps to perform surgeries faster and more accurately and with fewer complications that guarantee the patient a faster and less recovery journey Pain. The Diagnostic Imaging Department also contains a closed (3T) MRI machine and an open one, in addition to the latest ones CT scan machines (Scanner CT 256) and various x-ray machines. There is also a tomography machine and x-ray room in the emergency department so that the hospital can provide first aid Critical cases in the best way and in the fastest time. As for the pharmacy and laboratory department, it also includes a group of distinguished medical technologies, as it distributes medicines and provides Automated blood tests with the help of the latest and most efficient robots in order to ensure adherence to the highest international standards of quality and safety . The Views Hospital is the first project of Elegancia Healthcare Company, which is a subsidiary of Investment Holding, a joint stock company The company’s principles are based on the foundations of human care, excellence in international standards, and full commitment to providing service Human exceptionalism primarily concerned with a unique therapeutic experience.


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