Elder brother stabbed younger brother 17 times in Nawada, got this dreadful punishment for assaulting mother


Nawada. In Bihar’s Nawada, the elder brother has killed his own younger brother. The case pertains to Dhamaal Bazar of Ghamoul police station area of ​​the district. In a family dispute on Sunday, brother stabbed his brother to death. After the incident, sensation has spread in the area. As soon as the information about the incident was received, the police reached the spot and took the dead body in their custody and sent it to Sadar Hospital for postmortem. The killer brother and his wife have been arrested.

Had a fight with sister-in-law too

In relation to the incident, it is told that Vibhishan Sharma, son of late Ravindra Sharma, a resident of Ghamaul village, often used to beat up his mother in a state of intoxication. His elder brother always used to quarrel about this. Seeing the younger brother fighting with the mother, the elder brother got angry on the younger brother. The elder brother stabbed the younger brother to death. It is said that Vibhishan beat up the sister-in-law who went to stop her brother-in-law.

Police arrested the accused

In relation to the incident, the police said that Vibhishan was fighting with himself in a state of intoxication. This time, seeing the mother being beaten up, the furious brother stabbed her to death. Vibhishan’s elder brother and sister-in-law have been arrested. At present, the police have taken the dead body in their custody and sent it to Sadar Hospital for postmortem. The matter is being investigated. The statement of the mother has been recorded. Vibhishan’s family Shankar Sharma said that the whole family was troubled by Vibhishan’s behaviour. He often used to fight when drunk. Shankar told that the elder brother stabbed him about 17 times with a knife, due to which he died on the spot.


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