a grand fair will be held at rajeshwar mahadev temple on the first monday of sawan rjl


Sawan Maas 2023: A grand fair is organized at the famous Rajeshwar temple in Agra on July 10, the first Monday of Sawan. About 5 to 600000 devotees come in this fair to have darshan of Lord Shiva. About 500 to 700 Kavads are offered on the day of the same fair. For which the temple administration has made separate arrangements. Temple priest Rupesh Upadhyay said that this temple is very ancient and it is believed that every devotee who pours water on Bholenath’s Shivling here for 41 days gets all his wishes fulfilled. The same he has told that the Shivling located here is also very wonderful. This Shivling changes three colors during the day. The priest told that the Shivling of Rajeshwar Mahadev is white in the morning. It turns pink in the afternoon and blue in the evening. Till today people could not find out that how Shivling changes its colour.


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