Looted by fearless robbers in Jamui, beheaded female ward member in protest


Jamui. Fearless criminals in Bihar have now started carrying out incidents like looting by entering houses. One such case has come to the fore in Jamui. This incident of assault and looting has happened with a woman. Seeing the female ward member alone in the house, the miscreants attacked her. When Munni Devi, a ward member of Ward 3 of Karma Panchayat of Jhajha block, raised an alarm, the attackers ran away from the house with Rs 1.5 lakh cash and jewellery. Munni Devi’s husband is a railway employee. She does social service.

house breaking

The woman’s head exploded in the fight that took place during the robbery. The injured woman in bleeding condition was admitted to the referral hospital for treatment. Where the doctors treated the injured woman. The injured woman told that three people of the village entered the house seeing me alone. Manoj Soren, Laljit Murmu and Rajkumar Murmu forcibly entered my house and started demanding money and when I refused to give money, all three thrashed me by pressing my mouth. After this, after opening the box kept in the house, they took out one lakh fifty thousand rupees and jewelery kept in it and ran away.


Munni Devi, ward member of Ward 3 of Karma Panchayat, said that when I started making noise, all three started fighting by pressing her hands on her face. All three hit me on the head with a rod. Blood started flowing from the head. Somehow I escaped from all three and came out of the house and started making noise. Hearing my voice, the people of the neighborhood started coming towards the house, then all three ran away after looting jewelry and cash 50 thousand. So far no arrest has been reported in this case. There is talk of filing a complaint in the police station.


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