Surat: 10 people including 3 children got stuck due to stoppage of lift in Aditya Complex, Mota Varachha


10 people, including 3 children, were trapped after the lift stopped at Aditya Complex in Motavarchha, Surat. Even after a lot of effort, the lift did not start and finally the help of the fire department had to be taken. Within 8 minutes of asking for help, the fire team reached the spot and pulled out the people trapped in the lift. Initial investigation after the accident revealed that the lift had stopped due to overload.

Fire Officer Bhupendra Raj of Mota Varachha Fire Station told that 3 small children were also trapped in the closed lift of Aditya Complex. The lift was coming from the fourth floor to the third floor, when it suddenly stopped in the middle of the way. 10 people including 3 children were trapped in this accident.

Residents tried to contact the lift man

After the lift stopped, the residents of the society were trying to contact the liftman in which 35-45 minutes were wasted. The fire team immediately reached the spot as soon as the fire department received the call. Managed to get everyone trapped in the lift out.

the children were crying in the lift

Aarti Patel, who called the fire department, said that my sister-in-law and three children were trapped in the lift. As soon as he ran, the sound of children’s cries was heard. Sister-in-law was having trouble breathing. When I spoke to the lift technician, he said that he was far away and would be late.

Fire team arrived in 8 minutes and pulled out

Help arrived within 8 minutes of calling the fire department, the lift didn’t open and everyone had to be evacuated. Residents told that this happens often, the switch of the lift was also stuck inside. However, everyone was saved with the timely help of the fire team.


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