Robber gang active at Patna Junction claiming to deliver home, know how it executes the incident


These days a gang of miscreants is active at the Karbigahia end of Patna Junction, who are running away with goods claiming to take those coming from outside to their homes. One such incident happened with Sakaldeep Pandit, a resident of Shekhopur, Desari, Vaishali. He works in Tripura, Tamil Nadu. They reached Patna Junction from Tripura by train and exited the station from Karbigahia end.

Sit in tax on the pretext of taking Vaishali

When Sakaldeep reached the Karbigahia end of the station, a young man reached there and started asking him where he had to go. After this, Sakaldeep Pandit informed about going to Desari in Vaishali district, then he said that he is also going there. After this he made Sakaldeep Pandit sit in his Maruti car and reached near Kankarbagh Colony turn.

Absconded with mobile, ATM card, thousands of rupees

There he stopped his car and told that further checking is going on, you give your luggage. On this, Sakaldeep Pandit gave his mobile phone, ATM card, thousands of rupees and Bajrangbali’s gold locket to him. After this he said that you people get down and go ahead, he will come and sit there. Sakaldeep Pandit got down from the car and meanwhile the driver took the car and fled towards Shalimar Sweets turn. After this, Sakaldeep Pandit has registered a case against the unknown in Kankarbagh police station.

Attention Thugs calling as officers in Patna, demanding lakhs of rupees on the pretext of illness, know the whole matter

There have been many such incidents

Many such incidents have happened in Kankarbagh area. Incidents of miscreants running away with all the belongings of many people near Kankarbagh Shivaji Park have also come to the fore. Despite this, this gang is not being caught.


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