Weather Forecast Live Updates: ‘Red Alert’ in Kerala due to heavy rains, ‘Yellow Alert’ in these states including Delhi


Road blocked due to falling boulder in Chamoli

Chamoli police said that the road has been blocked due to boulder falling from the hill near Chhinka on Badrinath National Highway.

Boulders falling from a hill near Chhinka on Badrinath National Highway have blocked the road: Chamoli Police (Photo Source: Twitter handle of Chamoli Police)

— ANI_HindiNews (@AHindinews) July 5, 2023

Mumbai rains again, yellow alert issued

After a day’s respite in the country’s financial capital Mumbai, it once again received moderate to heavy rain on Tuesday and it is still raining in some parts of the city. The Mumbai-based regional center of the India Meteorological Department has issued a ‘yellow alert’ for the next three days, forecasting heavy rains in the metropolis. Local trains, considered the lifeline of Mumbai, were running normally on the Central Railway and Western Railway corridors on Tuesday. However, some passengers claimed that train services were running late by ten to fifteen minutes. Officials said that traffic slowed down at some places due to rain, but overall there was no traffic jam anywhere.

Kashmir can get relief from heat

There is a lot of uncertainty in the weather in the Kashmir Valley this year, because after a long winter there has been a sudden increase in the temperature. This is causing a lot of inconvenience to the tourists and the local people. Meteorologists have attributed the rise in temperature to prolonged dry weather in the valley. Sonam Lotus, director of the India Meteorological Department, said that we have seen dry weather, as a result of which the temperature has increased. In the month of July, the temperature is likely to be around 30-31 degree Celsius in the valley and 35 degree Celsius in Jammu. It’s hot here. He said that although the temperature is very high, there is no heat wave condition.

rajasthan records highest rainfall in 123 years in june

Rajasthan received maximum rainfall in June in 123 years. In June this year, the state recorded a total rainfall of 156.9 mm, which is 185 per cent more than the average. In-charge of Jaipur Meteorological Center Radheshyam Sharma said that during June 2023, a total of 156.9 mm (185 percent more than average) rainfall was recorded in the state, which is the highest rainfall recorded in this month since 1901 till date. Prior to this, in the year 1996, the maximum rainfall was recorded in the month of June at 122.8 mm. He told that during June, East Rajasthan received 118 per cent more rainfall than its average and West Rajasthan received 287 per cent more rainfall than its average.

The weather is pleasant due to rain in Delhi

It rained in many parts of Delhi on Tuesday and the sky may remain cloudy for the next six to seven days and there are chances of intermittent rains. This possibility has been expressed by the India Meteorological Department (IMD). Indira Gandhi International Airport officials said three flights were diverted due to bad weather and two were diverted to Amritsar and one to Lucknow. The IMD said that there is a possibility of more rain in the city on Tuesday night. The Safdarjung observatory recorded a maximum temperature of 37.7 degrees Celsius, which is normal for this time of the year, while the minimum temperature was 29.6 degrees Celsius. The IMD has issued a ‘yellow alert’ warning that there may be moderate rainfall, leading to water-logging in low-lying areas on Wednesday, leading to traffic disruption on major roads.

Heavy rains disrupt life in Kerala, ‘red alert’ issued in three districts

In many parts of Kerala, trees were uprooted on a large scale due to incessant rains on Tuesday. Houses were damaged and waterlogged. Large trees were uprooted in several districts including Kollam, Alappuzha, Thrissur, Kottayam and Ernakulam, leaving many with narrow escapes. It is raining heavily in these areas since Monday night. There were reports of power failure in many parts of the state due to damage to electric poles due to falling trees. Due to heavy rains and strong winds, houses were damaged at many places due to uprooting of trees and traffic was blocked on the busy Kollam-Shenkottai road. However, the movement of vehicles was restored by removing the fallen wood on the road. Due to heavy rains, the water level in several rivers in central Kerala has risen, threatening to displace people living in low-lying areas.


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