UPPSC expelled 100 experts for making wrong question papers, action taken for the second time in a year


Prayagraj : Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission (UPPSC) has shown the way out to 100 experts from confidential work. This is the second major action against experts within a year. Earlier, on 22 August 2022, the commission had dropped about 80 subject experts from its panel. While taking action against the experts who do not do quality work, Controller of Examinations of the Commission Ajay Kumar Tiwari has made it clear that the review will continue in the future.

According to the release issued by the Controller of Examinations on Monday, the list of experts related to various subjects was reviewed by the Commission with the aim of bringing clean and quality improvement in the examination process and the experts who did not do quality work were identified. 100 experts related to various subjects have been barred from the confidential work of the commission. The review of the quality of experts will go on continuously and during the review, if any deficiency is found in their quality like evaluation and preparation of question papers etc., then in future they will be removed from the panel of the commission.

The commission invites experts from across the country

The commission includes various subject experts from across the country in its panel to conduct its recruitment examinations in a quality manner. For this, online applications are taken from time to time. Their services are taken in question paper making, moderation, evaluation of answer books and interview etc. Their works are also reviewed from time to time. After the controversy over the questions in the last few years, the competitive students had demanded to oust the experts who asked the wrong questions.

Scope of interview board increased to test quality

To make the examination process even more qualitative, UPPSC has included country’s distinguished experts in its panel. Efforts are also being made to expand the panel of experts. For some time now, the Commission has started calling Vice Chancellors of Universities, Ex-Judges, Working and Ex-IAS-IPS, officers above Brigadier in the Army, senior scientists and Class I officers in the Central Government on priority for the PCS interview. Earlier only the working and former IAS-IPS with subject experts (Professors of big institutes) were called for interview.

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