Bengal: Many influential people who went abroad 22 times in a year are under ED investigation


In West Bengal, the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has received sensational information in the coal smuggling case. ED sources say that many influential leaders of the state have made 15 to 22 foreign trips in a single year. The investigating agency has come to know that most of these visits are done in Dubai. The ED is now probing why such influential people have to go abroad so often. ED has also found that tickets for foreign travel were booked through a travel agency in central Kolkata.

The investigation agency wants to know why he travels to Dubai again and again

The ED had recently raided the office of that organization. During this many documents were seized. After this, two partners of that travel agency have been called to Delhi for questioning. Idi sources tell that the number of times these influential people have visited foreign countries, even no big businessmen go abroad as many times in such a short time. Now they are trying to know why they used to go abroad so many times, for what work they used to go, from where did they get so much money for this. To know the answers to these questions, some influential people involved in the coal smuggling case may be summoned to Delhi again by the ED.

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Delhi summoned the partners of the travel agency providing tickets to them

ED sources say that efforts are being made to find an answer to the question of why the tickets for these influential people were booked from only one travel agency in central Kolkata for their foreign trips. He suspects that the foreign travel would have been done only in connection with the transfer of coal smuggling money abroad. ED’s team wants to be certain in the inquiry. ED sources claim that during the investigation of the coal smuggling case, crores of rupees were transferred to the accounts of foreign banks from 2017 to 2020. Some amount has been invested in foreign companies. A lot of secrets are expected to be revealed in questioning influential people.

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