Shravani Mela 2023: This Shiva temple of Jharkhand is the center of faith of devotees, Shravan Mela is held here


Garhwa, Vinod Thakur : The Raja Pahari Shiva Temple, located at a distance of about two kilometers in the north direction from the main road located at the subdivision headquarters, is the center of faith of the devotees. Every year in the month of Savan, a large number of devotees come here from different parts of border Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Bihar and Jharkhand to worship Baba Bholenath. Devotees believe that their wishes are fulfilled by worshiping here. In the month of Sawan, the temple construction committee performs Maharudrabhishek of Lord Shiva. Then there is an influx of devotees in the temple. The Shravani fair which lasts for a month is worth visiting in the Raja Pahari Shiva temple complex. There are also many permanent Prasad shops near the temple on top of the hill. Due to this, employment has also been made available to the local people.

is a beautiful place

The temple of Lord Shiva situated on a high hill is a picturesque place. The greenery of trees and plants all around, the PCC path made to reach the temple and the green trees and plants on its side attract the devotees. People feel peaceful after reaching here. The temple is attractively decorated for the Shravan festival. Due to continuous transmission of devotional songs from the temple premises, the sub-division headquarters becomes devotional.

The foundation stone was laid in the year 1988

Before the year 1988, there was a small temple on Raja Pahadi. Lord Rudra was worshiped there. At that time there was no way to reach the temple. In 1988, the people of Nagaruntari held a meeting for the construction of the temple and formed a temple construction committee. It is the result of the thinking, dedication and hard work of this committee that the Raja Pahadi Shiva Temple is standing in its present condition. The temple construction committee had laid the foundation stone of the temple in 1988 by Jagatguru Shankaracharya of Vananchal. After this it was built. There is arrangement for the stay and drinking water of the devotees in the temple premises.

Sawan 2023: Bhole’s favorite Sawan month starts from today, a special coincidence is being made after 19 years Temple


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