Australian players should learn sportsmanship from MS Dhoni, old video of ‘Mahi’ goes viral


Jonny Bairstow’s controversial run out in the second Ashes Test has sparked a debate on the internet among fans, spectators and pundits. Questions are being raised on sportsmanship. Meanwhile, the former captain of Team India Mahendra Singh Dhoni The old video of is becoming increasingly viral. In this, Dhoni called back England’s Ian Bell after showing sportsmanship after being declared out. ICC This event was honored with the ‘Spirit of the Decade’ award.

There is a video of the match between India and England in 2011.

It is about 2011. A test match was being played between England and India at Trent Bridge. Ian Bell was run out in controversial circumstances on the last ball before the tea break. When Praveen Kumar stopped a boundary and threw the ball back into the hands of MS Dhoni. Dhoni blew the gilli. Bell was busy talking with his partner at half the crease. TV replays later confirmed that it was not a boundary and Bell was declared run-out.

Ashes 2023: Jonny Bairstow Out or Not Out, know what the rules say, there was uproar at Lord’s after the run out

Dhoni called back the batsman

MS Dhoni withdrew the appeal and Bell returned to the crease after the tea break. Whereas, under the Laws of the Game, he was entitled to uphold his appeal. Dhoni was praised for his sportsmanship. Twitter users have started re-sharing the video of the incident involving Dhoni and Bell, serving as a commentary on the standards of spirit of cricket held by the former Indian skipper.

Jonny Bairstow Runout reminds me of "When MS Dhoni called back Ian Bell after Run out even though he was out"(Full story in thread)

— ×3 (@thegoat_msd_) July 2, 2023

Uproar over Bairstow’s run out

On the last day of the second Ashes Test, Alex Carey dismissed Jonny Bairstow in a similar fashion, which probably led to England’s defeat. When Bairstow went out of the crease realizing that the last ball of the over was dead after reaching the wicketkeeper’s gloves. Carey took advantage of the opportunity and hit the ball on the stumps. The third umpire declared Stokes out after review. Although it is getting a lot of criticism. The Australian players also had to face the displeasure of the spectators present in the stadium.


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