In Bareilly, an attempt was made to blackmail a woman by sending obscene photos, threatening to make the photo viral on social media.


Bareilly. Photo of a woman of Prem Nagar police station area of ​​Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh was edited as obscene photo by a crazy young man. After this, sending obscene photos on WhatsApp of a woman preparing for civil service, started demanding money in the name of making them viral on social media. On the complaint of the victim woman, Premnagar police station has registered a report against the accused. After this, raids are being conducted in search of the accused. The accused did not come to hand.

Blackmail attempt by sending obscene photos

Photo of a woman of Prem Nagar police station area of ​​the city was edited as obscene by a crazy young man. After this, on June 25, an obscene photo was sent to the mobile of the victim woman from an unknown number. The woman was shocked to see her photo. She called the sender of obscene photos from an unknown number. But the accused switched off the phone. The woman was very upset. However, on June 27, edited obscene photos were once again sent to the woman’s WhatsApp number from the same number. The woman immediately called the number of the accused. Talking on the phone, the accused threatened to make the obscene photo viral on social media. Along with this, demanded Rs.

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Police engaged in investigation of the case

The victim woman got upset with the blackmail. The woman gave this information to her husband. Her husband is also preparing for a competition. The victim woman along with her husband informed the Prem Nagar police station about the whole matter. The police did not take the complaint seriously. After this, the victim woman complained to the SSP. On Saturday, on the instructions of the SSP, the Premnagar police station registered an FIR against the blackmailer by sending obscene photos. Along with this, after investigating the matter, they are looking for the accused.

Report- Muhammad Sajid, Bareilly



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