World Social Media Day 2023: How reliable is social media? Learn special things


World Social Media Day Significance History: Today World Social Media Day (2023) is being celebrated. In today’s day, social media has a different place in our life. Today, almost everyone uses one or the other social media platform, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. Let us know why Social Media Day is celebrated on 30th June all over the world.

Significance of World Social Media Day

importance of social media day

Today social media is at the forefront of communication. In a few minutes today the news spreads all over the world through social media. Before 2010, very few people used social media. World Social Media Day started being celebrated all over the world to show its need and its importance in global communication.

This tweet has been seen more than 1 billion times on Twitter, what is there in it?

World’s First Social Media Platform

World’s first social media platform

The power of social media is that it can make someone a star overnight, and can also bring someone from heaven to earth. The world’s first social media platform was launched in 1997. Its name was SixDegrees. This platform was started by Andrew Weinrich. In the year 2000, it had more than one million users. But then it was closed.

Is Social Media Trustworthy?

54% of Indians trust social media platforms

According to a research by Oxford University Press, 54 percent of the people of India trust social media. They use it to get the right information. About 44% of users between 25 and 44 years believe the information shared on social media to be true. At the same time, only 12% people above 55 years of age believe so. Most people above the age of 55 consider social media to be the right platform for information, while the number of people in the age group of 25 to 44 years who believe so is 35%.

Brand promoters on Reel or YouTube should be alert, breaking the new rules will attract a fine of up to Rs 50 lakh


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