Sexual questions asked of female candidates for the office of Microsoft founder Bill Gates


founder of microsoft Bill Gates Female candidates have been asked sexually explicit questions in their private offices. The Wall Street Journal Has made this sensational disclosure. according to the wall street journal Gates Ventures Evidence has been found of women candidates being asked sex-related questions during interviews.

FAQ about extramarital affair

According to the Journal, some female candidates claimed that they were asked very offensive and inappropriate questions during the interview, including questions about their past sexual relationships and their experiences. Not only this, they were also asked about keeping intimate pictures on the phone, pornography and sexually transmitted diseases. Not only this, some women candidates allege that they were asked questions about having extramarital affairs and participating in foreign dance.

Third party company took the interview

It may be noted that the interview of the candidates was done by a third party company, Concentric Advisors. It is said about this company that it is expert in its work. The company, Concentric Advisors, has denied the women’s allegations and said that the purpose of their screening process is to assess a candidate’s veracity and vulnerability to blackmail. The company claimed that the data of the interview is not made public.

Bill Gates has been accused of having sex with an employee

At the same time, nothing has been said in this regard from Gates Ventures. They say that their recruitment process does not tolerate any kind of unfair treatment and they respect every candidate. But after this report of Wall Street Journal, another controversy has been added with Bill Gates. It is known that in 2019, Bill Gates was accused of having a sexual relationship with an employee, after which he had to resign from the board of Microsoft. Although the end of this dispute was pleasant, there is no doubt that a dispute was connected with Bill Gates.

Gates Ventures is a private company of Bill Gates.

Gates Ventures is the private services company of Microsoft co-founder and Bill Gates. It was established in 2008. It has his personal staff, which works on the diagnosis of problems of health and global development. These include climate change, clean energy and Alzheimer’s disease.

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