Prostitution busted in Patna Junction area, three women caught, have already gone to jail


The police of Patna’s Ketwali police station arrested three women involved in sex racket late on Tuesday night around Patna Junction Golambar. Three mobile phones have also been recovered from these people. These women are residents of New Bypass, Ramakrishna Nagar and Patna City areas. The women caught have already gone to jail on the charges of sex racket. All three have been sent to jail on Wednesday.

Women’s pimp is absconding

These women are always taken away by the police, but after being released on bail, they join the sex racket again. His area is on Patna Junction Golambar, GPO Golambar. There are also brokers of these people, who have not been caught at the moment. Kotwali police station in-charge Sanjit Kumar took action after receiving information about sex racket running till late night at Patna junction Golambar.

Police will hand over the minor to the relatives

Here, during late night checking on Tuesday, a minor girl was found by the Kotwali police near station Golambar. She was crying. After this, after getting information about her, it was found that she is a resident of Jamshedpur and used to work in a brick kiln. But somehow Patna Junction reached Golambar. The police have called his family members to Patna. He will be handed over to the family on his arrival.

Action will be taken on selling meat and fish in the open around Patna airport, wall painting will be made aware(youtube


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