Crooks entered a clothes shop for looting in Patna, when people chased them, they left the bike and bags and ran away firing.


Patna. People chased away the miscreants who came to rob Tiktok fashion shop located at Keshav Lal Path of Buddha Colony Police Station on the strength of arms. One was even caught by the people, but when he fired, the people retreated and the miscreants ran away. However, the miscreants left one of their bags and bike at the spot. There was a mobile phone without sim in the bag. The bike is being told stolen. On receiving information about the incident, the police reached and recovered a kiosk from the spot. It is said that the Tiktok fashion shop belongs to Alok Kumar.

Two local people were sitting with the shopkeeper

On June 26, Tinku Yadav, a resident of Lodipur, and his brother-in-law Ramji Yadav were sitting with Alok Kumar. During this, Alok Kumar went to his home for some work and only Tinku Yadav and Ramji Yadav were in the shop. Meanwhile, two youths entered inside the shop and brandished pistols. On this, Ramji Yadav pushed the miscreant, due to which he lost his balance and started running away seeing the matter getting worse. On this, Ramji Yadav and Tinku Yadav chased the miscreants out.

The miscreants fled leaving the bike and bag

He saw that there are four miscreants on two bikes and trying to escape. On this both of them surrounded the two miscreants riding on the Splendor and caught one. But the other one fired. Although the bullet did not hit anyone, but left his bike and bag and ran away. After this, its information was given to the police. Police arrived and investigated. They all ran towards the temple drain. An FIR has been lodged against these miscreants on the statement of South Mandiri resident Ramji Yadav. Buddha Colony police told that the miscreants are being identified.

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