Passenger urinated and then spit in Air India flight, the flight was coming from Mumbai to Delhi


Air India The case of urinating and spitting has once again come to the fore in a flight. A man traveling on a Mumbai-Delhi Air India flight allegedly urinated and later spit. The police has arrested the person on this charge. Police said that the incident took place on June 24 in AIC 866 flight.

The passenger has been identified as Ram Singh

According to the FIR, a passenger named Ram Singh defecated, urinated and spit on the floor of the aircraft. Police sources said that the crew members gave a verbal warning to the passenger. On reaching the destination of the aircraft, the security chief of Air India took him to the local police station. Delhi Police has registered a case under section 294/510 on the complaint of the flight captain.

Uproar in flight

Heard fiercely with the cabin crew member and other passengers of the person who defecated and urinated. The commotion went on for a long time. Later, the crew member informed the pilot and security of the flight. After which when the plane landed in Delhi, the accused person Ram Singh was arrested.

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There was a case of urinating on a female passenger

Last year also a similar case came to the fore in the flight. In which a man urinated on a woman in a plane coming from New York to Delhi. It was told that the person was intoxicated. Shankar Mishra, the accused in this case, was arrested in Bengaluru on 7 January. Another similar incident happened. In which on December 6 last year, a passenger urinated on the blanket of a female co-traveller on a Paris-New Delhi flight.


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