Neither maternal home, nor husband’s house, she likes to be with a ‘special’ friend, know what is the whole matter


Jamui. After the recovery of the newly married woman who went missing about two months ago from Jharkhand, the information received by the police during interrogation is astonishing. The married woman has told the police that she neither wants to live in her maternal home, nor does she want to go to her in-laws house with her husband. She has to stay with a special friend of hers. Rejecting the point of his kidnapping, he told that on May 9, we had gone for a jungle safari. Aditi was seen there. Then we went with him. Karishma told that now we want to stay with Aditi. SDPO Rakesh Kumar told that the police is interrogating both. Will take further action after enquiry.

Husband had filed an FIR of kidnapping

On the whole matter, the police say that on February 28, Karishma was married to Sandeep Kumar in Jhajha of Jamui district. Karishma suddenly disappeared after having dinner at the restaurant on 9th May. After this, the woman’s husband Sandeep Kumar filed a kidnapping case. On Tuesday, Jamui police recovered him from Dhanbad in Jharkhand. The woman was with her friend. Both say that they are with each other of their own free will. There is no such thing as kidnapping. At present, the police is interrogating Karishma and her friend.

Karishma wants to be with Aditi

Police interrogation revealed that Karishma and Aditi’s father used to work together in Koilvari. Both were friends. Then both Karishma and Aditi used to go to college together. Karishma told the police that she had to stay with Aditi. Karishma told the police that she was married on February 28 without her consent. She is studying in 12th, but in-laws do not like to study. Karishma alleged that she is tortured at her in-laws house. She has been accused of assaulting her husband as well as her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

decision left in charisma

Aditi Kumari told that her grandmother and uncle live in Jamui. That’s why she keeps coming here often. Karishma met during the jungle safari. She started crying holding my hand. She said take her along, otherwise she will die. Aditi told that during that time her husband Sandeep also came. Karishma spoke to him and came with me. Aditi said that if Karishma wants to be with me, then we will be together. If she wants to go to her husband, she can go.


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