Bihar: Husband will be with first and second wife for 10-10 days of the month, there will be leave for 10 days, know the whole matter


Purnia. Often the wife comes to the family counseling center with a complaint. This is the first time when a husband reached the center with his wife’s complaint. The complaint of the victim’s husband was that he had hit his leg with an ax by marrying another while living with one wife. He told his painful story to the center. The first wife present at the center said that even after ten years of marriage, when she did not have a child, her husband remarried. Despite this, the condition in which her husband keeps her, she will remain. She will not leave her husband. After much persuasion, the husband decided that he would keep both the wives together. Will stay with one for 10 days and with the other for 10 days. The rest will celebrate holiday for 10 days.

Mother reached counseling center against son and daughter in law

Here, in the Family Counseling Center, a mother of Kasba Police Station area reached the Superintendent of Police with a complaint against her son and daughter-in-law and told that her son had a love marriage without the consent of the parents. For this reason she was not giving shelter to her son at home. After a lot of persuasion by the villagers, she agreed to keep the son and daughter-in-law in the house. Both of them started showing their colors as soon as they entered the house. Being fed up, the mother gave an application to the Superintendent of Police. When both the sons received the notice from the Police Family Counseling Center, both of them got very nervous and reconciled after apologizing to the mother in front of the people of the colony. While present at the center on Friday, mother, son and daughter-in-law together assured that no one would ever give a chance to complain in future.

Hearing of 45 cases

A total of 45 cases were heard at the Police Family Counseling Center. Out of this, 11 cases were executed. In 10 cases, after convincing the husband and wife, their house was resettled. In one case, due to lack of agreement between the two parties, he was advised to go to the police station or court.


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