It contributes to shaping the “future market” and providing it with highly skilled people.. The Minister of Labor inaugurates the new visual identity of “Jusoor”


Dr. Ali bin Smaikh:

The company is a platform that invests in human capital and attracts distinguished elements

Developing the participation of the government sector, the academic sector, business and industry

Engineer Abdul Hadi Burgan:

We chose the name “Jussoor” to express the essence of what we aspire to achieve

New programs to facilitate part-time work, labor rotation and exceptional employment

His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri, Minister of Labor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Qatar Human Resources Solutions Company “Jusoor”, (“Wiza” previously), inaugurated the company’s new visual identity, in a ceremony attended by a number of representatives of the members of the Board of Directors and company officials.

“Jusoor” is concerned with developing the labor market in the State of Qatar by attracting an active and committed workforce that contributes to economic development efforts in priority sectors, and achieving strategic national development goals, in line with Qatar National Vision 2030.

Comprehensive job opportunities

In his speech during the ceremony, His Excellency Dr. Ali bin Smaikh Al-Marri, Minister of Labor and Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Jusoor” company, said, “The Ministry of Labor is working through the company to provide a platform that invests in human capital, attracting distinguished elements to the State of Qatar, not to mention preserving Those with talents and skills that are currently in the labor market, in addition to providing a set of services through a comprehensive platform that serves job seekers in various sectors, “pointing out that the company represents the catalyst for achieving comprehensive job opportunities, and promoting and developing the participation of the government sector, the academic sector, and the business and industry sectors.” .

His Excellency noted that “Jusoor” contributes to shaping the future labor market, and provides it with highly skilled people who are qualified and entrusted with playing a pioneering role in accelerating the pace of development in the country, through procedures and incentives that are formulated with a future vision to create a work environment that encourages creativity, leadership, innovation and the pursuit of development Comprehensive paths for professional life, and the development of those with these skills and their prosperity within the Qatari labor market.

HE the Minister of Labor touched on Qatar’s efforts to develop the labor market, where he said in this regard, “The confidence of the countries of the world has been strengthened in the safe and healthy work environment in the country, which resulted in our keeping pace with the most important economic developments globally and providing a higher standard of living,” stressing that these achievements are what It would not have been possible without the labor reforms that have been implemented and the increasing economic growth we are witnessing, and other general factors that have made the state a role model in the region.

His Excellency thanked the government and private sectors for their contribution in providing support to achieve the desired goals and enrich the Qatari labor market, stressing the importance of continuing cooperation with employers to ensure the provision of various opportunities that meet current and future needs and priorities.

“Jusoor” provides a set of qualitative services that serve job seekers and various business entities, and employs advanced digital technologies to provide its services.

Comprehensiveness and robustness of the local market

In this context, Eng. Abdulhadi Bakhit Burgan, CEO of the company, stated that “the name “Jusour” was chosen to express the essence of what we aspire to achieve, which is to build solid bridges between employers and job seekers,” indicating that the company, as a strategic partner of the Ministry of Labor Its vision is based on enhancing the inclusiveness and robustness of the local market.

Engineer Burgan highlighted the company’s new programs, including the “Sahem” program, two of which were launched, namely extending the residency of graduates, and the second is providing part-time job opportunities in the private sector for university students, referring to the “independent” program that seeks to supplement the labor market. Qatar Airways is seeking new skilled workers through the introduction of non-traditional categories of visas targeting entrepreneurs, and the “Employment Recycling” program that enables and facilitates the recycling of the workforce (mainly blue-collar workers) from the current employer to the new employer to benefit from Demand and supply of labor in the country.

The programs presented by the CEO of the company included the “Exceptional Recruitment” program, which aims to support employment services by identifying sources of searching for candidates and matching their qualifications with job requirements in the main sectors in the country by benefiting from regional cooperation agreements with countries in the region.

Government agencies

It is worth noting that “Jusoor”, formerly known as “Wiza”, is a private joint stock company wholly owned by the government of the State of Qatar, and its board of directors includes several entities: the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Qatar University, Qatar Airways, Al Jazeera Media Network, and the Chamber of Commerce. Qatar Trade and Industry.


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