“Ibhar Projects” .. a pioneer in real estate investment and marketing


“Ibhar Business” is the largest permanent showroom throughout the year for all real estate investments and huge offers and facilities for clients
Dr.. Siddig: The Qatari economy has dazzled the world…and we have the best real estate investment
History speaks of more than 25 years of experience in the local and international markets
“Ibhar Real Estate” is the exclusive agent for more than 27 of the largest and most prestigious companies around the world

Ibhar Projects Company is one of the leading companies in the field of marketing and real estate investment in the country, as it overlooks the Qatari market with a distinguished package of projects and wide international partnerships and pioneering and professional services in the field of project management, which greatly contributed to building close ties with the local investor based on trust and credibility in dealing and guaranteeing his rights.
Ibhar Real Estate is represented as an exclusive agent for more than 27 of the largest and most prestigious companies in Egypt, Turkey, the Sultanate of Oman, Georgia, Spain, Cyprus, Britain, Greece and America, which achieves excellence and diversity in accordance with all tastes and financial capabilities.
This investment edifice is headed by Dr. Mayser Seddik, the partner and chairman of the Board of Directors of Ibhar Projects Group, and the international real estate expert founding in the international real estate consortia ICREA – NAR – AURD – FIABCI, who has a long experience that extends to more than 37 years in the State of Qatar.
Dr. confirmed. Facilitator Seddik said that the name “Ibhar” that the company carried came as an inspiration from what the State of Qatar has done to dazzle the world in terms of progress and prosperity, in addition to real estate economies and development, to be a model for showing the role of the private sector in the real estate field through investment and development in line with government directions for development in the field of urban renaissance and expansion. in construction
Janan Island Project – Sultanate of Oman
Al Mouj Muscat, a company established in 2006 as the first integrated tourism complex in the Sultanate of Oman, which is represented by the Ibhar Group of Projects with an exclusive agency in the State of Qatar, and this project came as a result of the unique partnership between a group of local companies such as Omran Group, Tanmia, and Majid Al Futtaim Group, which are partnerships It succeeded in presenting a new concept of urban life in the region, by launching the “Jenan Island” project in the Qatari market for the first time, which includes a private group of 43 luxury villas with five and six bedrooms, in a unique location on an island full of a wonderful garden in the middle of the water lake in Al Mouj. Muscat. The villas of Janan Island are unique homes, capable of inspiring the senses by offering new dimensions of distinction and exclusivity, as they sit in the middle of the lake next to the garden, and give families an opportunity to break out of the ordinary, and connect with nature in its most prominent manifestations, without moving away from the abundant entertainment facilities and opportunities. around the island.
Real estate consulting
“Ibhar” company has started at a steady pace since its inception and relies on expertise and studies. It also provides real estate consultancy, real estate valuation services, and real estate feasibility studies services. It provides a range of expertise to all clients wishing to invest on how to form local and international real estate portfolios, and achieve according to the studied plans. The highest levels of yield thanks to the cooperation with all the international companies of «Ibhar» company.
Feasibility studies and real estate services
Ibhar is one of the leading companies in providing various instructions to its customers, bypassing the idea of ​​supply and demand, as it explains to the customer with all sincerity and honesty, and through display screens with pictures of projects from the ground so that he can see with his own eyes the pictures of the project and the extent of the achievement that has been achieved.
Impressive Egyscape real estate
It is one of the most attractive real estate exhibitions organized by Ibhar Projects Company for investors, as the fifth and final edition of the exhibition received a great turnout with the participation of 25 companies represented by Ibhar in Qatar. The volume of real estate projects participating in the exhibition exceeded 150 million riyals, as the exclusive agencies represented by the company are considered Qatar is the result of 25 years of experience in the real estate market, and the sixth edition of the exhibition will be held during the period from 7-9 next September in Joanna Hall at the Radisson Blu Hotel, and the number of companies represented by Ibhar exclusively in the State of Qatar has reached 27 real estate companies, all of these experiences The company’s management has qualified it to be the marketing consultant for every real estate investor to achieve the best safe choice, which gives confidence, credibility and reassurance to the Qatari and Arab investor.
Safe investment.. Real estate investment tips
Dr. Mayser Siddig explained in his book “Safe Real Estate Investment Controls Between Reality and Aspiration” issued in 2020 that investment in the real estate sector represents the ideal investment for all those wishing to save permanently and continuously, and this transaction can only be completed through mutual trust between the two parties to the relationship, the seller and the buyer, This is in accordance with the stability of prices, specifications and facilities, especially that the State of Qatar has controls that achieve the element of safe investment in light of the rapid economic development. We provide advice and advice to all those wishing to invest in real estate successfully, summarized in the following items:
1. That the contracting company (the owner of the project) be an exclusive, real and continuous agency in the State of Qatar to achieve safety and security.
2. Do not look at the financial value of the purchase as much as you look at the purchase guarantees and the continuity of the exclusive agent.
3. Do not bother with the temporary offers that expire with the end of the offer, but be careful of the reputable companies that have permanent offers.
Dr. Siddik added: We achieve a gradient in prices to be accessible to all, and to attract middle and above-average income segments, and with payment facilities of up to 5 years, without interest, as prices start from 1,500 Qatari riyals per meter, which presents good investment opportunities for customers, and we also believe in stability. Prices from the developer’s headquarters are the same as those shown in Doha. We also provide after-sales service, as the customer’s investment continues after the delivery by providing the hotel rental service, which brings him a fixed return, in the event that he does not use the unit, and live in it, which guarantees him the preservation of his ownership, permanent maintenance and fixed income.
The permanent showroom achieves the safe and stable investment
Ibhar Business Center is a permanent showroom throughout the year for all real estate investments, as it represents within this headquarters the largest international real estate companies, whether in Egypt, Turkey, Oman, Georgia, Spain, Sarajevo, Greece, England and America, where the company’s marketing team has a set of advantages and expertise that guarantee customers successful investment In the best payment methods and the lowest advance payment, in addition to that the company is an exclusive agent and not a temporary owner of exhibitions that lasts for several days and then ends with the end of the exhibition, but it is an exclusive agent that represents these companies in the real estate exhibitions that we carry out such as the Ibhar View real estate exhibition and the Egyscape exhibition, in addition to participating in Cityscape International Exhibition for several consecutive years, and “Ibhar” represents these companies throughout the year in the permanent and continuous showroom in the New Salata area, next to the Qatar Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the guarantee of Ibhar Projects Company.
Dazzle for training
Dr. Mayser Seddik confirmed that the Ibhar Group is a summary and product of more than 25 years of experience in the field of investment and real estate development, which was necessarily reflected in the policy of the group as a whole and in determining the needs of the labor market, which prompted it to establish a group of companies that provide integrated services in order to Achieving a safe investment based on a scientific approach that contributes to reducing risk ratios and helps establish a factor of trust between the group and its customers, which has been practically translated through the Ibhar Management Training Center, which provides a range of services, the most important of which are feasibility studies for everyone who wishes to benefit from them and examine projects with all their capabilities before execution time.
Dazzle for exhibitions
The group’s activity is not limited to the educational role, as Dr. Siddik explained that the Ibhar Group has proven a pioneering ability in translating the group’s goals into practice and implementing many economic activities that had the greatest impact in supporting the company’s business at the level of the local and global market by organizing many exhibitions that constituted an economic event Prominent in the real estate sector, foremost of which is the “Ibhar Egyscape” exhibition, which is considered the second largest exhibition in the State of Qatar after the Cityscape Qatar exhibition, which attracted many major companies locally and internationally, as well as the “COVER TECH” exhibition, which highlights the latest materials and products in the fields of covering and cladding. Building facades, floors, wall paints, and interior partitions.


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