BNP lures homeless children towards subversive acts


Eyeing on the upcoming general election in the country, convicted terrorist Tarique Rahman’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) is luring homeless floating children and adolescents from Dhaka city and other parts of the country with the target of using them towards terrorist and subversive activities. Already a special cell has been formed by the party to coordinate recruitment and deployment of these homeless children and adolescents towards various types of subversive and terrorist acts, which include, hurdling crude bombs targeting individuals, vehicles and establishments, arson attacks, stabbing, stone pelting etcetera.

According to information, there currently are over 2.5 million homeless children and adolescents in the country, while more than 7-8 hundred thousand are in Dhaka city. These homeless children spend their nights on footpaths, parks and other areas, while a large segment of them are addicted to drugs.

A source said, while most of these homeless children in Dhaka city are engaged in various forms of work, including selling flowers and other items on the streets, at least 50-60 thousand are involved in crimes ranging from theft, snatching, robbery etcetera. A significant portion of these children also are involved in peddling drugs while homeless girl children are forced into prostitution.

“High-command” of BNP has decided to form a special force comprising at least a few dozens of such children and deploy them towards subversive and terrorist activities if Bangladesh Nationalist Party’s demand for holding the next general election under an unelected caretaker government is not accepted by the ruling Awami League.

The source further said, a regiment of homeless children would be deployed on various locations to target foreigners and diplomats in particular as well they may stage subversive activities within court premises and political party offices.

Rejecting BNP’s involvement behind such a plot of using homeless children and adolescents towards subversive and terrorist activities, another source said, such plots are being undertaken by Hizbut Tahrir, which in recent times has been considering Bangladesh Nationalist Party as their “ideological ally”. It may be mentioned here that, following publication of a series of investigative reports in BLiTZ exposing Hizbut Tahrir, the US State Department had designated Hizbut Tahrir as a terrorist organization.

The source further said, similar plots have also been undertaken by Ansar Al Islam, a militancy outfit having affiliations with Al Qaeda. It said, a section of opposition politicians in Bangladesh, particularly Islamist forces, are spreading rumors stating the United States wants to turn Bangladesh into an Islamic republic by unseating Awami League government. Islamist and jihadist forces in the country are feeling energized at this rumor.


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