Uncle cut off both hands of nephew in Nalanda, a few days ago he came to the village after being released from jail


Nalanda. In Chero village of Sarmera police station area, an uncle cut off both the hands of his nephew. The injured nephew has been hurriedly referred to the hospital in Patna. The matter was informed to the police. On information, a large number of police forces have reached the village. It is said that the dispute between uncle and nephew has been going on for many years. The police is investigating the case. So far no arrest has been reported.

There was a fight even four months ago

In relation to the incident, it is told that the injured nephew is Ram Pravesh Yadav, 45-year-old son of Brahmdev Yadav. Four months ago there was a dispute between uncle and nephew regarding paddy. At that time, there was a murderous attack on his uncle Awadhesh Yadav by Ram Pravesh Yadav and Awadhesh Yadav was injured by assault. At that time a case was registered in the police station by Awadhesh Yadav. In the same case, Ram Pravesh Yadav was sent to jail. After being released from jail, Rampravesh Yadav again used to argue with his uncle on old issues.

ambush in the desert

It is said that on Saturday night, when nephew Ram Pravesh Yadav was passing through the road, uncle Awadhesh Yadav and other companions along with him were ambushed and sitting in a deserted area, as soon as Ram Pravesh Yadav was seen, Ram Pravesh Yadav’s Cut off both hands. After the incident, Ram Pravesh started screaming and shouting. Then the people of the village reached. Regarding the incident, Rampravesh Yadav told the whole thing to his family members. Then the information of the incident was given to the police of the local police station. The police has started investigating the whole matter.

Police engaged in investigation

Sarmera Police Station President Vivek Ranjan told that the incident was not executed by any criminal and scoundrel but by his uncle. Both hands have been cut off. There used to be a constant dispute between uncle and nephew regarding the old matter. Injured Ram Pravesh Yadav is being treated in Patna. The application has been given by the relatives. Police has registered the case and started taking further action.


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