UP Tourism: Chuka Beach with dense forests is making you feel the beauty of Goa, 77 thousand tourists arrived in five years


Lucknow: UP’s tourism is the pride of this place. There is no other place as diverse as tourism here. Even on this, tourists reach from country and abroad to enjoy the eco-tourism here.

Among these, Chuka Beach located in Pilibhit has become the most important tourism destination of UP. Coming here, tourists feel like coming to Goa. The beauty of the beach makes them feel like being on a beach.

Earned more than 50 lakh revenue

So far this year, a total of 23679 tourists including 23625 Indians and 54 foreigners visited Chuka Beach. Due to this, the tourism department got a revenue of 51.04 lakhs, which is the highest in comparison to previous years.

Tourists arrived from 15 November

Senior officers, politicians, actors and judges of the Supreme Court, High Court also came during the tourism session from 15th November till now, who were shown wildlife during the tourism.

Tharu and Tree Hut are very special

Seven forest rest houses are available in different ranges under Pilibhit Tiger Reserve. Four tharu and one tree hut are available for overnight stay at Chuka tourist spot. Mustafabad Eco Development Committee Dwa-Santine is being operated at Chuka tourist place. A souvenir shop is also available at Chuka tourist place.

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23579 tourists enjoyed the jungle safari

In the tourism session 2022-23, students and teachers of various schools went on private buses 42 times. In the tourism year, 23579 tourists visited 4337 jungle safaris. Online booking of huts has been done by tourists 839 times during the tourism year. There are 44 tourist guides available at Chuka tourist spot, through whom tourists were taken on tour. 4 watch towers were constructed for the tourists.

Home stay is also being operated

Twitter, @pilibhitR website pilibhittigerreserve.in is used on social media for the promotion of Chuka Beach. There are three signature gates available for tourists near PTR Headquarters, Mustafabad and Lalpur. There is a water hut available for the tourists, which is very much liked. Motor boat safari is operated in Sharda Sagar Dam for tourists. One nature illustration center each is available for tourists at Chuka Beach tourist spot and Mahof range complex. 4 home stays are being operated under Pilibhit Tiger Reserve.

More than 77 thousand tourists visited Chuka Beach in 5 years

Year Foreign Tourist Indian Tourist Revenue Received

2018-19 23 15885 3672935

2019-20 13 7122 1729976

2020-21 02 12389 2607205

2021-22 07 18738 4509170

2022-23 54 23525 5104050

(youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nd_JlZTp74I)


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