Now electricity connection will be connected in 100 rupees, Yogi government gave bumper discount to electricity consumers


Lucknow. For the convenience of the power consumers of the weaker sections of the state, the Yogi government has waived the fee for connecting and disconnecting one kilowatt domestic electricity connection (electricity connection) (RCDC) till July 31. Along with this, the minimum limit of partial payment has also been relaxed to 25 percent of the total dues. Now the poor consumer can get disconnected connection connected by depositing minimum Rs.100 from his dues.

Consumers with one kilowatt load will get relief

UP Power Corporation President M Devraj has told that at present, under Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation Limited, LMV connections of domestic consumers under one category are disconnected due to pending dues. After depositing the entire dues or partially dues by the consumer, an additional amount of about Rs.600 has to be deposited as RCDC connection (disconnection and connection) fee. The amount of the bill is partially deposited by the poor consumers from 500 to 1000 rupees only.

Now 600 rupees have to be paid in RCDC fee

It is not possible for the poor to deposit Rs 600 as RCDC fee. For this reason the connection cannot be reconnected. Apart from this, there is also a provision that if the connection is disconnected due to arrears, then in that case the amount not less than 25 percent is not accepted partially by the consumer. Giving relief to all the poor consumers as per the intention of the state government, the system of waiving RCDC fee and depositing 25 percent of the total dues for connecting the disconnected connection of domestic consumers up to one kilowatt electricity load, ended by July 31, 2023. It has been decided to do.


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