Bihar: IAS KK Pathak did a surprise inspection of the education secretariat, notice to two absent officials


Patna. On Thursday morning at exactly 9.30 am, Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department KK Pathak reached the office. After two minutes, he suddenly reached the corridor of the Secretariat. The bewildered employees got upset when they went to different branches for inspection. Inspected every office in the entire secretariat. He gave instructions to stop the salary of a special branch officer and an assistant officer who were found missing from the office without any notice. Also asked to issue show cause notices to both the office bearers.

Many officials could not answer the questions of KK Pathak

Due to the questions of Additional Chief Secretary KK Pathak, many branch officials could not even answer the questions properly in panic. He also saw filth in many places in the offices. For this, he also took a dig at the cleaning agency. Gave him a stern warning. Instructions were also given to impose fine on the cleaning agency.

Negligence will not be tolerated: KK Pathak

When Additional Chief Secretary Pathak was visiting the offices, the departmental directors got information about it. He also started following them. Meanwhile, many officers were looking upset. Those poor people were seen engaged in arrangements here and there. The atmosphere in the Secretariat of the Education Department remained warm for about an hour. The people who reach the departmental secretariat daily for a special purpose turned back after seeing the inspection being done. During the inspection, the Additional Chief Secretary bluntly told all the officers and employees to come on time and leave on time. Negligence will not be tolerated at any cost.

Four-year graduation program rejected by the Bihar government, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Education Department wrote a letter to the Raj Bhavan

instructions given

According to sources, Kek Pathak has also given instructions to make special arrangements for drinking water in the offices. Along with this, he has given instructions to the directors to rectify other irregularities.


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