Bihar: A list will be made of tainted officers who have stayed at one place for years in the education department, action will be taken


A review meeting of the Education Department was organized on Thursday under the chairmanship of Bihar Education Minister Prof. Chandrashekhar. In the meeting, Education Minister Prof. Chandrashekhar directed the officers to make a list of tainted officers of the department. Along with asking to make a list of such officers, who have stayed at the same place for a long time.

According to the sources, Education Minister Prof. Chandrashekhar sought necessary information from the departmental officers regarding the reinstatement of education servants. On this, the concerned officer informed that the matter is going on in the court. Asking for two months’ time, the officer assured the Education Minister that as soon as the matter is settled in the court, steps will be taken towards the reinstatement of education servants through the rules. Education Minister Prof. Chandrashekhar instructed the officials to consider seriously in this context.

Physical teachers will be appointed

The Education Minister instructed that necessary steps should be taken immediately in the direction of appointments of physical teachers. Instructions were given to reactivate the best app already made for monitoring teachers, so that real time monitoring can be done. He said that there is a need for real time monitoring of teachers. Work should be done in the direction of the promotion rules of employed teachers. So that they can get benefit.

Instructions were also given for the appointment of guest teachers.

The Education Minister instructed that guest teachers should be appointed in universities and constituent colleges where there is a shortage of guest teachers. For this, he specifically gave directions to the Directorate of Higher Education. He told that the department itself should decide the academic calendar for the universities. Said that outstanding utility certificates should be obtained from universities and affiliated colleges. Work in a planned manner to submit the utility certificate. In the meeting, it was talked about making a portal soon for transfers of inter-district and inter-planning units. In fact, the Education Minister talked about making a strong transfer policy.


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