Ashadha Amavasya 2023 Date: Ashadha month’s Amavasya fast will be observed on this day, know date, auspicious time


Ashadha Amavasya 2023 Date: From the religious point of view, the date of Amavasya is very important. Because this day is considered very auspicious for charity and for the peace of ancestors. The new moon day of Ashadh month is also considered special. According to the Hindu calendar, the month of Ashadha is the fourth month of the Hindu year. On this day, there is special importance of bathing in holy rivers and religious places of pilgrimage. The Amavasya of the month of Ashadha is also known as Ashadhi Amavasya or Hal Halharini Amavasya. This year Ashadh Amavasya is on 18 June 2023.

ashadha amavasya 2023 auspicious time

Ashadha Krishna Amavasya date begins: June 17, Saturday, 09:11 am Aashada Krishna Amavasya date ends: June 18, Sunday, 10:06 a.m. Muhurta for bath and donation: June 18, 07:08 a.m. to 12 till 37 minutes

Auspicious time for donation and bath on Ashadh Amavasya 2023

According to the Hindu calendar, on June 18, that is, on the day of Ashadh Amavasya, the auspicious time for bathing and donation will be from 07:08 am to 12:37 pm.

Significance of Ashada Amavasya

As per the Hindu calendar, the month of Ashadha is the fourth month of the Hindu year. After the end of this month, the rainy season starts. Ashadh Amavasya has been considered especially fruitful for charity and religious deeds done for the peace of the souls of ancestors. Bathing in the holy river and pilgrimage sites on this day gives manifold results. Religiously, Amavasya Tithi is considered very important. The Amavasya that falls on Monday is called Somvati Amavasya and the Amavasya that falls on Saturday is called Shani Amavasya.

Worship method of Ashada Amavasya

Take a bath in a holy river, reservoir or pond etc. on this day. After this, put water, red sandalwood and red colored flowers in a copper vessel and offer Arghya to the Sun God. Then donate as much as you can to a poor person. On the day of Amavasya, observe a fast for the peace of the souls of the forefathers. If you want, you can also take bath by mixing Ganges water in water.

fast while eating fruits

Falahar fast should be observed on Amavasya. On this day, according to the economic condition, donations should also be given to the needy. By donating one attains virtue and after death one attains salvation. The rainy season starts from the end of Ashad month and Chaturmas also starts in this month. That’s why there is a special ritual of tarpan and fasting on the new moon day of Ashadh. On this day, after bathing in the holy rivers, offerings are made to the sun.


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