PHOTO: Photo of criminals who committed murder in broad daylight in Dhanbad surfaced with weapons


MLA Raj Sinha arrived on getting the information.

In Dhanbad, a transporter was shot dead in broad daylight. The picture of the attackers with weapons has come to the fore. The police has intensified the campaign to arrest both of them. Due to this murder in broad daylight in Dhanbad, there is an atmosphere of panic among the people.

Transporter shot dead in Dhanbad. The picture of the attackers seen in CCTV.#Jharkhand #dhanbad

— Mithilesh Jha (@Mithilesh_Jha1) June 14, 2023

Police team reached Dhanbad to investigate the murder of the transporter.

This incident of murder took place on Wednesday in Pathardih police station area of ​​Dhanbad district. The criminals opened fire on Praveen Rai, a coal transporter and owner of Baniyaheer petrol pump, in his private office near Sail Kanta Ghar, Chasnala South Colony.

Shopkeeper injured in the attack.

Hearing the sound of gunshots, visit the nearby shop in that direction. Seeing the shopkeepers coming here, seeing the nearby shopkeepers gathering, the criminals fled from there. While running away, he also shot a hotel operator.

The injured were taken to CHC.

The name of the hotel operator is Rajkishore. He got injured due to the bullet. In a hurry, blood-soaked Praveen was admitted to Chasnala CHC. Later he was referred to Durgapur in West Bengal.

Ambulance and crowd after the murder of a transporter in Dhanbad.

After this incident of crime, people started demonstrating by keeping the dead body near Chasnala CHC center. People demanded immediate arrest of the criminals. The protesters blocked the Jharia-Sindri main road for half an hour.

The shopkeeper injured in the attack was referred to Durgapur.

When there was information about firing in broad daylight, the police also reached the spot. Explained to the protesting people and got the jam finished. After ending the jam, the police got involved in the investigation of the case. Nearby CCTV footage was scanned.

The police started a thorough investigation.

In the CCTV footage, the police saw two people with weapons in their hands. Maybe it is a native katta. Police say that the face of the criminals has come to the fore, they will be arrested soon.

A crowd of people gathered near the hospital as well.

On the other hand, people told that the criminals reached near Praveen Rai’s office. He pushed the gate hard and entered the office straight away. After this Praveen Rai was shot.

Two bullets found during the investigation after the attack.

One bullet hit Praveen Rai on his forehead and the other bullet hit him under his right eye. Praveen Rai fell there. After the incident which took place at around 11.15 am, the police of several police stations were called there.

Police reached for investigation.

Jharia CO Pramesh Kuhwaha, Sindri DSP Abhishek Kumar, Congress District President Santosh Singh, Shamsher Alam, Yogendra Yadav, Nitai Mahto, Sundar Lal Mahto also reached the spot.


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