Scam Alert: Hello, this is SHO! Have you also received such calls? so be careful


Scam Alert Did you get a call from an unknown number on your mobile as well and the person speaking from the other side introduced himself as SHO. If yes, then instead of panicking, wait for a while and check the number. It is possible that the call is not from an officer of Delhi Police but from a thug. Who is in the process of withdrawing money from your bank account. In fact, these days, online fraudsters are adopting many types of tactics to trap people in their trap. A small mistake and such thugs are taking away money from the bank account.

I am speaking SHO…

There have been many such incidents in the recent past, in which homeopathy doctor Dipanjan Deb in Jogabai Extension is also among the victims who were made victims of thugs. He told that one day he got a call from such an unknown number. He told that he accepted that phone call as legitimate, because he had complained of losing his wallet a day earlier. So I gave the OTP number to process the application. I did not know that this would make Rs 70,000 disappear from my account. He told that he had no option but to block his ATM card and report the matter.

The businessman of Bihar acted cleverly, this is how he saved himself from being a victim of fraud

A businessman from Bihar also online fraud Gave information about. Although he was saved from being a victim of fraud. Bihar’s businessman Jayesh Mehrotra told, he received a call a few days ago at 10 pm. In which the person on the other end told that he is calling on behalf of the Delhi Police. He told that he was going to sleep and got a call on his mobile. He had no idea who he was going to face. It was told over the phone that his brother had met with an accident. He was taken to the hospital, where the doctors are demanding money. On the phone, he was asked to pay on the QR code. He said, of course anyone would get nervous on hearing such news, and so would I. But when I was worried about my brother’s safety and was almost on the verge of going to the hospital, I realized that my brother was not in the city that day as he had gone to Patna for some work. He immediately called his brother, so that it could be known whether he was safe or not.

Cyber ​​Crime: Most frauds are happening through mobile messages and online gaming, follow these measures to avoid it

Delhi Police alerted people

After receiving a complaint about online fraud, the Delhi Police issued an advisory on its Twitter handle. In which requested to report such calls. Police said, we advise people to be careful of such calls and stay safe.


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