Jharkhand: Disturbances in Chief Minister’s Livestock Development Scheme in Dadi block of Hazaribagh, displeasure among beneficiaries


Giddi (Hazaribagh), Ajay / Ranjit: In Dadi block of Hazaribagh district, a case of irregularities has come to light in the Mukhyamantri Pashudhan Vikas Yojana. Subsidy amount has been taken in the name of many beneficiaries, but the amount has not been given. This includes middlemen, vendors and officials of the concerned department. Fake documents are being presented to give goats and goats to the beneficiaries. Most of the beneficiaries are not getting the benefit of the scheme. Beneficiaries are worried about this. More emphasis is being laid on opening their account in Hazaribagh Bandhan Bank. Subsidy of dozens of beneficiaries has been deposited in the bank. Middlemen are engaged in blowing his interest too. According to the information received from the Animal Husbandry Department, dozens of beneficiaries have been selected for the scheme in the years 2020-21, 2021-22 and 2022-23, but fewer people have been given its benefits than expected. Those who have been given benefits, the amount of subsidy has not been withdrawn in the name of most of the beneficiaries. Due to this there is resentment among the beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries accused of not giving subsidy amount

Sunita Devi (husband Suresh Kumar Mahato) of Balasgara told that she was called to Hazaribagh two-three months ago to give four goats and one goat. There he did not get goats and goats, he was given five thousand rupees only from the amount of subsidy. The remaining Rs 7,400 was distributed among middlemen and other people. On asking, they said that the rest of the money has been given to the vendor.

An amount of eight thousand was given to the beneficiary Kaushalya Devi

Kaushalya Devi of Balasgara told that she has been given an amount of eight thousand 200 rupees from the subsidy. Similarly, Anil Kumar Mahato of Kanki Panchayat was given five thousand rupees from the subsidy in his account. The rest of the money was kept by the middleman and others. At the same time, Sunita told that she has only one goat. Gotni brought three goats and one goat from Rekha Devi’s house. The people of the department put insurance tags in the ears of those goats and went away. Kaushalya told that he had brought four goats and a goat from his cousin Sita Devi and another woman. The department put the tag of insurance in his ear.

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department is not giving amount

Anil Kumar Mahato said that there were four goats and one goat in our house. The department has put a tag of insurance in his ear. Said that under this scheme, deep boring has been done in the premises of his house last year on 50 percent subsidy. He has deposited 50 thousand in the bank in two installments, but the department is not giving the amount of one lakh. Four goats and one goat were given to Etavariya Devi, Jhunar Devi, Ramani Devi and Rajkumari Devi in ​​Raligada East Panchayat in the Janata Darbar last year. Goats and goats of three women died in 10 days, while goats and goats of another woman died after about a month. Women are pleading with the department for insurance, but they are not getting the benefit of insurance.

plan is going well

Animal Husbandry Officer of Hazaribagh district Newton Tirkey said that the Chief Minister’s Livestock Development Scheme is being operated in a better way in the district. The benefits of the scheme are being given to the beneficiaries. When asked about the disturbances in this scheme, he said that do not disturb us in working.


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