Court sentenced two days imprisonment to Sasaram Nagar police station, show cause notice to SP


In Bihar, continuous action is being taken by the court against the policemen who are negligent in their work. In the cases of the past days, the court has raised questions on the work of the police. But now increasing the fire a step further, the Sasaram District Civil Court has sent the Sasaram City Police Station President to jail for two days. Along with this, show cause has been given to the SP of the district.

simple imprisonment for two days

In fact, the Court of First Class Magistrate Nivedita Kumari of Sasaram District Civil Court, while hearing a case related to an 18-year-old libel, issued an order to sentence the Sasaram Nagar Police Station SHO to simple imprisonment for two days for dereliction of duty. Is. Along with this, a show cause notice has been issued to SP Rohtas in this matter.

Five thousand rupees suspension damages were imposed

This case is related to the complaint number 1018/2005, in which judicial orders were issued several times to present the report related to the death of two accused Sanjay Kumar Srivastava and Bharat Prasad Srivastava in the court of Mohalla Mahaveer Sthan Kuraich of the city. In spite of this, negligence was being taken in the case by the city police station in-charge, for which the court had earlier imposed a stay of five thousand rupees against the city police station. Even after this, the legal orders were continuously being disobeyed by the city police station chief. After this, the court, looking strictly, sentenced the police station chief to two days imprisonment.

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Show cause notice to SP as well

In this case, the court had also issued a judicial order to the preferred officer SP Rohtas. The judicial order was also not served by the SP. After this, the court has issued a show cause notice against him and said that why not prosecute you under section 176 of Bhadvi? Along with this, the court has ordered to issue a non-bailable warrant against the city police station chief. The SP has been ordered to get the warrant served before June 19 in any case. So that the city police station chief can suffer the punishment of two days.

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