Agra: Increase in fungal infection and allergy patients in the district hospital, know what the doctor advised


Agra: There is a long queue of patients in the skin disease department of the district hospital. Patients have to wait for their turn by standing or sitting in line for hours. Dermatologist says that due to heat and strong sunlight, the diseases of skin diseases are increasing. Because of which about 300 to 400 patients are coming daily for checkup in OPD.

Due to the increasing temperature in summer, hundreds of patients of fungal infection and skin diseases are coming to the district hospital daily for their checkup. In the skin disease department of the district hospital, patients suffering from sunburn and skin infection due to fly and mosquito bites were seen queuing up for checkup.

What did Dr. Ram Aashray of the Department of Dermatology tell

Dr. Ram Ashray of the Department of Dermatology said that due to heat, the problem of fungal infection and heat has increased on the body and along with this, some people who are unable to wear full-sleeved clothes due to heat, are bitten by mosquitoes. Being bitten causes the problem of skin disease (allergy). Which is especially being seen in children. At the same time, about 300 to 400 patients are coming in the OPD daily.

Dr. Ram Aashray told that to avoid the heat, everyone came out of the house wearing full sleeve clothes. You can use any cream like sunscreen on the face. Also, when there is a very important work between 11 am and 3 pm, go out and protect yourself as much as you can from the sun.

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At the same time, many patients who came to the department to show their illness alleged that known patients are being sent to OPD without number and line. While we are standing here for many hours, our number is not coming.



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