Bihar: The land will become barren if the straw is burnt in the field, know from the expert how the damage will be done


Bihar News: A block-level workshop cum training program was organized under the Kharif Maha Abhiyan on Monday in the auditorium of E-Kisan Bhawan, located in the local block of Piprasi, Bagaha, Bihar. During this, the guests and agriculture workers present started the program by lighting the lamp. At the same time, while addressing the present farmers, Technical Manager Abhishek Pandey told that in view of the increasing population at present, the burden on agriculture has started increasing.

‘Do organic farming for more production in less cost’

At present, the area under cultivation is also decreasing as compared to earlier. In view of this, there is pressure to produce more in less cost from the available cultivated land. In view of this, it is necessary for the farmers to do scientific farming instead of traditional farming. The technical manager said that for more production in less cost, the farmer should do organic farming instead of chemical farming. The process of preparing organic fertilizers should be started at your home itself.

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‘Production more by sowing coarse grains’

Abhishek Pandey said that all of you should sow coarse grains. In this, you people will get more production. At the same time, he insisted that the government is strict on the farmers who are burning straw, stubble etc. in the fields. By identifying such farmers, they are also being deprived of the Kisan Samman Nidhi. At the same time, 16 types of beneficial insects found in the fields are also destroyed. Due to this the farmers have to bear a lot of loss. To fulfill this, farmers use different types of fertilizers. In view of this, do not burn the stubble in the fields. On this occasion, District Councilor Dhaneshwar Yadav, while addressing the farmers, emphasized on doing modern agriculture.

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