Bihar: Health of more than 300 people deteriorated after having wedding feast in Aurangabad and Banka, fear of food poisoning


More than 300 people fell ill due to food poisoning in Bihar. This incident has happened in Banka and Aurangabad districts where suddenly people started falling ill after eating the feast. In Banka, about 250 people fell ill from a single village, while in Aurangabad, about 60 people fell ill after having food at a wedding ceremony. The patients were taken to the hospital.

Baraati fell ill at the wedding ceremony in Aurangabad

People having food at a wedding ceremony in Manjhauli village under Pouthu police station of Rafiganj, Aurangabad. The people who attended the procession had food. During this, suddenly people’s health started deteriorating after the meal. After which he was admitted to the hospital in a hurry.

More than 50 people were taken to the hospital

More than 50 people were taken to the hospital one after the other. The situation was such that instead of beds in the hospital, patients were made to lie on the ground and treatment was started. Food poisoning has been suspected.

Banka: More than 200 people fell ill after consuming poisonous food at the wedding ceremony, health department team reached

More than 250 people sick in Banka

One such incident took place in Banka district where more than 250 people of about sixty families fell ill due to food-poisoning in Chhinda village of North Kaswa Vasila Panchayat under Suiya police station area. Most of the victims are women and children. Most of the people who attended the dinner on 9th June in the wedding ceremony started complaining of headache and stomach ache, vomiting and diarrhea. Everyone is undergoing treatment.

never ending events

Let us tell you that in this period of scorching heat, people are advised by the doctors to be careful while eating during the feast. At the same time, even before this, in many places in the state, people have fallen ill after eating the feast.


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